Here’s How to Get McDonald’s Egg White McMuffin for $1

egg mcmuffin

While McDonald’s Egg White Delight McMuffin is really just ho-hum hype, stuff for less is always awesome.The new item comes in at 50 calories and 5 grams of fat less than the original Egg McMuffin. So, if you’re attempting to be slightly healthier, save yourself the extra $1.69 (it’s usually $2.69) and swoop up one here for a dollar.

Simply enter your name and click “print” for your coupon. Only a set number of coupons are available daily, so if you don’t get one today you can just check back tomorrow. If you really must.

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The Yolk-Free McMuffin: McDonald’s ‘Egg White Delight’ Out April 22

Egg White Delight

Good news for the health conscious Mickey D fans out there, starting April 22, McDonalds will roll out Egg White Delights nationwide.

This yolk-free alternative was tested in Atlanta and Austin locations back in November. Essentially, the lighter version of the popular Egg McMuffin, Egg White Delights contain egg whites cooked free-form on a griddle, white cheddar cheese, and Canadian bacon on a whole grain english muffin.

Other sandwiches offered on the McDonalds breakfast menu will be available for egg white substitutions. This new breakfast option is one of many changes the fast food chain is implementing to make their menu more customizable and calorie-friendly.

Of course, this healthy alternative probably isn’t the best for your diet when paired with hash browns and an extra large coke. But hey, do you boo.

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