Inglorious Desserts: Oreo Cookie Breaded Deep-Fried Ice Cream


Deep-fried ice cream, while it’s been done, is still a glorious contribution to the world of sweets and deep-fryery. But what if you used Oreos as the coating and Oreo filling as part of the ice cream? Goddammit, Nick at Dude Foods thinks of everything.

Nick used pints of Arctic Zero ice cream he had laying around the kitchen as the ice cream base. Arctic Zero is known to only set you back 150 calories per pint. Naturally, he ended up concocting an idea to put all those healthy pints to good use. Though the process was meticulous, the endgame more than made up for it.


First Nick took apart an entire package of Oreo cookies and removed the fillings from each one. He then mixed the cookie creme into the ice cream and formed them into balls, which he covered with egg wash. The cookie shells were then crushed into a fine dust. Nick rolled the ice-cream through the dust, added another layer of egg wash and rolled them again. Everything was then deep-fried in 375-degree oil for about ten seconds, then ready to eat.

I guess you could say it was OREO-gasmic. Sorry, no apologies on that one.

PicThx DudeFoods