[NSFW] This Photographer Printed Nude Portraits on Egg Shells


Nude Egg Cover

To say artist and photographer Jess Landau is talented would be an understatement. Landau took ordinary egg shells and turned them into a means of expression after her friend committed suicide in 2013. The delicate and breathtaking work acted as a means for her to cope with the loss.

Landau told HuffPo that she was looking for a tactile outlet to explore her curiosities. She felt that traditional materials (papers, wood, etc..) were too stable and concrete for the delicate situation of her friend’s death.

The process of getting the photos onto the egg shells Landau used was liquid emulsion, a liquid chemical that makes paper light-sensitive. Images are then able to be projected through printing process via darkroom. Using an old 35mm Minolta, Landau shot her subjects and developed the images by hand. The egg shells were chosen as a canvas because the emulsion sticks easily to them.

The process was said to be very time consuming, but Landau said it was therapeutic. She says that she hopes the portraits will remind people to treasure every moment.



Nude Egg 01 Nude Egg 03 Nude Egg 04 Nude Egg 004 Nude Egg 05 Nude Egg 06

Rachel Nude Egg 07


Easter Cupcakes Baked Into Real Egg Shells

In Stef’s household, when she passed out these curiously light Eggs to her guests,  she was quickly heralded as a cupcake Houdini. Utilizing a lemon and sour cream cake recipe and 10 large egg shells, Stef found herself poking holes in each egg and piping her batter in like a surgeon.