How To Make Eggcellent Cat-Shaped Eggs In The Morning


Check out this cat-shaped egg mold! It comes in both regular and quail egg sizes. Currently the product is crowdfunding stage on Kickstarter (HERE), but it’s surpassed its goal by tenfold (and counting!) so if you contribute $12+ you are guaranteed your very own cat-shaped egg mold. Dreams really do come true!




Written by Brittany High, Incredible Things | Sunny Side Up Cats


Skull-Shaped Egg Mold Makes for Macabre Mornings


We’re you in the market for something to match that spooky skull-shaped pancake mold? Well, we may have a winner, folks. This neat little frame allows you to mold your eggs to look like an adorable little skull so that way you can munch on eggs and symbolically conquer your fear of death at the same time!

Simply crack open two eggs into the the rings and soon you’ll be feasting on the most macabre of breakfasts. Just make sure to serve it with a side of bacon. Mmm, death never tasted so delicious.

Skull Egg Coral @Fred and Friends