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You Can Now Get Bougie SPAM Musubis Wrapped In Edible Gold

Gold-topped desserts have been pretty popular this past year, with gold-covered ice cream, apples, and chocolate all going viral. One SF food truck is getting in on the golden food trend with their own take: A $100 Gold SPAM® Musubi.

Created by the 808 Poke Shack for SPAM Restaurant Month, this fancy SPAM musubi has flecks of gold on both the inside and outside. The sushi rice is mixed with honey, rice vinegar, and gold furikake flakes, joining a caramelized slab of SPAM that’s marinated in a miso teriyaki sauce for 24 hours.

The two are then wrapped together with both nori sheets and edible gold leaf to give the musubi a unique sheen.

This is a more pricey musubi than ones you can normally buy, as one of these gold-wrapped eats will set you back $100. But hey, when else can you say that you’ve eaten a golden SPAM® musubi?

808 Poke Truck will have the $100 musubi available for the entire month of August as part of SPAM® Restaurant Month, where several other unique SPAM®-centric items will be debuting at restaurants across the nation.

Created in partnership with SPAM®.

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Watch The World’s Most Expensive Milkshake Being Made With Luxurious Ingredients

New York’s Serendipity 3 is known for creating some of the most ornate desserts on the planet. Their latest item, dubbed ‘the world’s most expensive milkshake’, adds to their deep and opulent resume.

Photo courtesy of Guinness World Records

Serendipity 3’s LUXE Milkshake is currently the priciest on the planet, according to Guinness World Records. Served in a glass adorned with over 3,000 Swarovski crystals and topped with edible 23-karat gold, this $100 dessert is extravagant from top to bottom.

To make the LUXE come to life, Serendipity 3 Creative Chef Joe Calderone tracked down an impressive lineup of premium ingredients. It starts with a base of Channel Island Jersey milk, prized for its high butterfat content that adds a rich consistency to the shake. There’s also Devonshire luxury clotted cream, Tahitian vanilla ice cream, and fresh Madagascar vanilla beans blended inside.

The most intriguing of the ingredients, though, has to be the caramel sauce. It’s made with fresh donkey milk and infused with Venezuelan cocoa to add complex notes to the frozen treat.

Those interested in learning more about the LUXE can watch the video below to see the full construction of this bourgeois blended beverage.

While this may seem like it was just created for the record, Serendipity does have it on sale starting today. It’ll set you back $100, but hey, it may well be worth the price to say that you’ve literally sipped on liquid gold.