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McDonald’s Has Found A Sneaky Way To Control Its Drunk Customers

If you’re a conspiracy theorist and feel that restaurants are avidly trying to control your mind, you might have a case for it.

There are McDonald’s in Liverpool and Gloucester that believe they can control their drunk customers by playing Bach and Mozart in the restaurants.

The stores have been playing classical music late at night, and have noticed “more acceptable behavior,” from its inebriated diners, according to Gloucestershire Live.

McDonald’s told GC Live that they had tested this method before, finding that playing the music did affect the mood of their customers. Now these U.K. McDonald’s locations are trying it out, in hopes of reducing incidents involving diners who might have had one too many drinks that night, and want to enjoy a late night Big Mac.

There was a study earlier this year that tested the effects of music on fast food customers, finding that playing Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” actually helped increase sales by nine percent.

If restaurants are really using background music to control us, they should play heavy metal at Starbucks to see if it also helps wake us up.

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Ed Sheeran Crammed 55 Chocolate Balls In His Mouth and James Corden Lost It

This is a feat that would normally be attributed to a legendary competitive eater, but instead, it’s pop singer Ed Sheeran who’s pulling off an insane food trick.

While hanging out with Late Late Show host James Corden for a Carpool Karaoke clip, Sheeran was challenged by Corden to a duel of how many Maltesers (the British version of Whoppers) they could fit into their mouths.

Corden had the idea for this face-off because he’d heard that Ed Sheeran could cram 47 Maltesers into his mouth. Sheeran proved that his face could hold all that and more, eventually squeezing in an astonishing 55 chocolates.

James Corden absolutely lost it once Sheeran accomplished the impressive task, making us all extremely thankful that the car was pulled over while the entire contest was happening.

The only thing that could’ve made Ed Sheeran’s Malteser-eating status even more legendary? I would’ve loved to see him not just fit them all in his mouth, but chew them all down and swallow them too. Still in love with the shape of how things turned out, though.

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Ed Sheeran’s Music Could Help Fast Food Sell More Burgers And Fries

Photo: Eva Rinaldi

Apparently the background music you hear in stores and restaurants isn’t just meant to entertain or provide an ambience to the place. It also helps generate more sales.

For restaurants, one of their optimal songs would be Ed Sheeran’s major hit “Shape of You.”

The song was identified as part of a massive research study conducted by the Swedish Retail Institute and Soundtrack Your Brand, which found that songs specially selected for different store environments and audiences increased sales by 9 percent over 2 million purchases at an unnamed American fast food joint.

In fast food restaurants alone, burger and fry sales went up by around 9 percent each, whereas dessert sales increased by a whopping 15 percent.

How does this all work? Apparently music is able to trigger feelings in our brain, which then gets associated with whatever item we’re looking at. Basically, we begin to associate music with emotions with food.

The Spotify-backed business, Soundtrack Your Brand, utilized this knowledge to source music that would express the brand of whatever shop or restaurant music is being played in. When it came to fast food, “Shape of You” was perfect to target millennial audiences looking for a “welcoming, modern, and expressive” environment.

I’m gonna experiment for myself and see if I buy more while playing that song on my Spotify next time I get fast food.


Watch Ed Sheeran Serenade Adorable Kitties In A Cat Cafe


Last year, English musician Ed Sheeran took a trip to Japan. There, he visited one of the cat cafes that have been growing in popularity. What better venue for such a superstar than a room full of cats?

Overwhelmed with the amount of cuteness that surrounded him, Sheeran whipped out his guitar and began to perform his famous song “Thinking Out Loud” to the group of cats. The confused felines began to scurry away in fear.

Check out Sheeran’s Japan trip in the video below featuring his experience in the cat cafe. He starts playing around 03:54.

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Ed Sheeran Now Has His Own GINGERbread-Flavored Ice Cream Sandwich


There have been some pretty famous gingers in history, like, Donald Trump, Chuck Norris and Pepper Ann, but Ed Sheeran is probably the first to have an ice cream sandwich in his ginger honor.

Ed Sheeran posted a pic to Instagram Friday morning, showing his brand new Ginger-Ed Sandwich, which was made by HB Ice Cream in Ireland.

HB released this ice cream sandwich in honor of Sheeran’s concert in Ireland this weekend.

You know you've made it when…

A photo posted by @teddysphotos on

Thankfully, it won’t taste like his fiery flowing red locks, or like the wood from his guitar, but will just have a classic gingerbread taste on the outer cake with vanilla ice cream inside.

The cover of the Ginger-Ed box features a little gingerbread cookie, with messy red hair, holding an acoustic gingerbread-guitar.

This just might be the beginning of ginger global domination.