This Underground Beer Cooler Keeps Drinks Cold without Electricity


Keeping beer cold on a hot summer day can be tricky, but Danish startup eCool is looking to change the face of cooling technology. Forget the kegerator; the eCool earth cooler keeps beer chilly without any electricity.

This environmentally-friendly contraption is meant to be installed a few feet underground, taking advantage of cooler soil temperatures. The eCool’s top is sealed so it maintains about the same chilled temperature throughout.


How do you get an earth-cooled beer? Just use the hand crank, and eCool dispenses a crisp brew at the surface. If you’re not a beer fan, you can also use this cooler for sodas, ciders and anything else you might fancy.

eCool, $349 @eCool

H/T PSFK + Picthx eCool