17 Hilariously NSFW Dishes This Pinay Instagrammer Won’t Stop Tagging Us In


Instagrammer @eatlikeyoureondeathrow_, formerly @_thispinaycancook_ ,is one of our favorite food bloggers. Aside from her creative recipes and beautiful food photography, she’s probably of the funniest personalities in the Foodbeast Instagram family.

The only downside is she has a tendency to post a fair amount of foods shaped like genitals. Like, a lot.

Here are some of the gnarliest creations the spicy Filipina chef has produced. Obviously, they’re not safe or work at all. Some even look uncomfortably delicious.




you know you wanna see them boobies!? GUESS WHAT BREAD IMMA BE BAKING MYLOVES? ill TAG the first TEN who guessed it right! GO! ??? A photo posted by @_thispinaycancook_ (@eatlikeyoureondeathrow) on

im switchin to metro pcs if i got no fcukin good reception by tomorrow LOL ? #youremindmeofsomething #pekpekmobulok

A photo posted by @_thispinaycancook_ (@eatlikeyoureondeathrow) on



to all you new to my feed… lemme introduce my feed once again to start 2015… ive change my username just like the hashtag ive created #eatlikeyoureondeathrow this is @_thispinaycancook_ lol just in case u forgot i post dick shape food… i am blunt and will tell you to shut the fcuk up if you feel too entitled in MY feed i am really sweet just dont be a dumbass i rarely block bc most if not all create new acct to troll & lurk my feed anyways then jack my caption & style ?? i abhor pretentious two faced bitches.just lurk lol my feed dont necessarily reflect who i am but its just a snipet of it i dont mind being known anonymously i rather bullshit with ten cool motherfcukers than fake it with thousands lame asses i will always post what i want i am genuinely grateful & appreciative to those that i bullshit on the regular i lob yu lon thyme? tell me your first name so i can address you by ur first name mylovefcukers YES thats my nickname : rho… stamped on the pekpek bun? TAG someone who needs edible dick in their life? redundant no?


A photo posted by @_thispinaycancook_ (@eatlikeyoureondeathrow) on


goin up on a… lol TAG YOUR FAVORITE PORNSTAR✨ ?? #eatlikeyoureondeathrow #foodbeast #eatgoodstayfresh A photo posted by @_thispinaycancook_ (@eatlikeyoureondeathrow) on

facetime. “say aaaaaah” #eatlikeyoureondeathrow

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