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Watch What Would Happen If You Never Stopped Eating

We live in a culture of excess eats and food challenges. Sure, watching a professional eater like Matt Stonie crush burgers, fries, and fried chicken in one sitting is entertaining, but we’re not about to go out and emulate him. Heck, pretty sure he eats much healthier when he’s not on camera.

But have you ever wondered what would happen if you never stopped eating?

Life Noggin takes a look at the adverse effects of overindulgence when it comes to food in their latest entry.

The video covers all the potential health risks of eating too much sugar, sodium, trans fat, and other nutrients and minerals. Needless to say, some potential outcomes can be downright terrifying.

Check out the video as they give you a detailed explanation of all the harmful effects that come from overeating. Man, definitely makes us rethink going in for that last slice of pizza. Maybe we’ll grab a salad or something. Enough’s enough.


This Shake-Resistant, Smart Spoon Is Completely Spill-Proof

In a world dominated by smart phones, smart watches and smart cars, it seems there are countless inventions being created to help make life easier. Still, even the most impressive smart technology can become inaccessible to those with limited physical mobility.

For people living with a physical disability, whether it be a spinal cord injury, stroke, Huntington’s disease, or even mild to severe hand tremors, basic everyday tasks, such as eating, can be very difficult. That’s why Verily Life Sciences is working to bring smart technology for those who need it most, in the form of kitchen utensils.


In 2013, Verily Life Sciences introduced the Liftware Steady (pictured left), a computerized handle, with basic utensil attachments, that contains sensors programmed to detect hand motion and stabilize unwanted tremors from the intended movement of the hand. This type of stabilization technology was designed to ease the frustration people living with tremors, and enable them to focus on their meal.

The company’s newest product, The Liftware Level (pictured right), is a self-leveling handle which contains sensors that detect changes from the intended movement of the hand.

The Liftware Level includes a spoon and fork attachments designed to give individuals living with limited arm and hand movement the ability to hold a utensil — at any angle —  and easily feed themselves.

Most importantly, both Liftware products are designed to allow people to regain confidence and focus on the most important parts of every meal — the food, and the people.

Inventions of this magnitude should be considered a breakthrough for those struggling with physical limitations. The Liftware Level is the world’s first spill-proof smart utensil that analyzes a users hand and arm position, and counteracts the effects of hand tremors and other involuntary movements.

Introduced to the public on Dec. 1, 2016, The Liftware Level Starter Kit is now available for $195 on its website, and is expected to ship before the holidays.

In recognition of such a important step forward in assisting individuals with physical limitations,  the Huntington Disease Society of America is donating 1,000 Liftware Level Starter Kits via its website, to those that apply.

This program is only is only intended for those affected by Huntington’s disease. Donations will be granted on a first come, first served basis.

Celebrity Grub Cravings Hit-Or-Miss Video

Pro Eater Matt Stonie Crushes 113 Pancakes In One Sitting [WATCH]

Anyone ever crave pancakes so much that they will stop at nothing to get their hands on a short stack? Then, when you’ve taken a few glorious bites you’re just… over it? It’s happened to us on more than one occasion, but for competitive eaters like Matt Stonie, they sometimes just gotta deal with it.

The young food enthusiast and human garbage truck set a new world record for eating 113 pancakes in about eight minutes at the 2016 World Pancake Eating Championship, held in Chico, CA. This feat was bittersweet, however, as we can only imagine the delicious breakfast treat being off-set by the feeling of forcing down all that dense cake.

Check out the video and relive his victory. Definitely want to get some pancakes after this, but we might just stick to a short stack.


YouTuber Explains Exactly How Pokemon Eat Food [HUMOR]

Pokemon GO has been out for a couple weeks no and everyone’s out reliving the Pokemon craze of their youths. Catching and battling Pokemon can be a draining experience, however, and you’re gonna want to feed your Pocket Monsters.

The dudes at Wassabi Productions created a video imagining how each Pokemon would eat if they were real. From Ekans to Jigglypuff, you get to see all your favorite Pokemon hilariously and horrifically brought to life as they try to get their grub on.

Check out the sketch.

Hit-Or-Miss Opinion

I Tried “Eating Mindfully” For A Few Meals And This Is What Happened

Mindful eating is a newer trend among dietitians and nutritionists. It’s the practice of meditating on your food while you eat in an attempt to slow down your brain and your stomach.

This practice is thought to help with weight loss by getting you more in tune with your sense of “fullness”; in other words, this meditation helps you realize when your body is ready to stop eating, so you don’t overeat.

I experimented with some mindful eating to see how I would feel afterwards, and this is what happened.

To prep myself, I researched some tips on how to eat mindfully. A few of the recurring tips were:

Eat in silence, away from distractions like the TV, your phone, your computer, or other people.

Sit at a table when you eat, rather than pacing around your kitchen or sitting on your couch in front of Netflix.

Close your eyes on the first bite.

Put your fork down between every bite.

Try chewing each bite 25 times.

For my experiment, I prepared myself a medium-sized garden salad with lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, onions, shredded cheese, and a homemade honey vinaigrette.


Garden Salad
Just like the various websites suggested, I isolated myself. I went to my dining room table alone, dimmed the lights, and hid all surrounding technology. It felt a little cult-like, just me and my salad in the dark.

I tried starting off with a few deep breaths, just to clear my mind. Then I closed my eyes (which felt extremely awkward), and had my first bite of salad.

If anything, it was surprising. Not looking at your food while you eat leaves your brain unprepared for the flavors you’re about to taste, and although it was jolting, it was also a heightened experience.

After the first bite, I did open my eyes, but I was adamant about the other rules; I put my fork down between every bite and tried chewing each bite 25 times. The latter was more difficult than I had anticipated.

Note: trying to chew a bite of salad 25 times doesn’t really work, you end up looking like a grazing cow. This is definitely a trick best left to heartier foods.

But putting down my fork after each bite really made a huge difference. Instead of rushing through my salad, I took my time — it took me twenty minutes to finish something that usually would have taken me five minutes to inhale. Even my chewing slowed down, without me even realizing it.

Like most websites instructed, I also tried to empty my mind and envision every flavor in my meal.

Eat Mindfully

Did it feel weird? Extremely. But did I forget about my deadlines and my bills and any petty worries that had bothered me that day? Absolutely. My mind was blissfully wiped clean for those twenty minutes while I honed in on every part of my salad. And it was amazing.

Is mindful eating something I could do everyday? Probably not.

The experience was relaxing and left me surprisingly full — it was like my salad was double its actual size — but it was also extremely time consuming. If you have 20 minutes or so every day to reflect on the flavors in your food, more power to you. But for the average person who’s rushing to get from point A to point B, mindful eating at each meal doesn’t make sense.

I would definitely suggest trying this eating technique (if not at least once in your life) once a week. It’s a really great opportunity to enjoy a nice meal and have some peace during a busy day. Plus, it works towards making your mind and body a little more connected than they already are. And there is no harm in that, my friends.

Celebrity Grub

Photo Journey Of President Obama Eating Throughout His Presidency

Photographers have the innate ability to capture some of the most beautiful and riveting moments possible when it comes to photographs. The same goes for the White House photographer who, as I’m sure you can imagine, must be pretty friggin’ remarkable at his craft in order to both earn and retain such a prestigious job.

Pete Souza, Director and Chief Official White House Photographer, put together a collection of the best photographs from the previous year of Obama, and they all certainly met expectations. Although many of them were not food-related, I decided to pick out the best ones that were.


Obama takes a bite of fruit while perusing the produce section of a Kroger’s grocery store after a town hall meeting. Predictably, this heinous crime is reprehensible and can not go unpunished, hence why many are calling for his imPeachment.


Denver, CO – President Obama shares a pizza dinner with a handful of people that wrote letters to him before his visit to Denver. The delicious-looking cheese pull he’s got going on comes directly from The Wazee Supper Club.


President Obama tips the scales in his favor when it comes to his trip director, Marvin Nicholson. President Obama jokingly tries to send a message to Marvin about his diet lately, and as you can see in the background, the rest of his administration has no probelm with the POTUS’s playful and humanizing proclivity for pranks. 


Obama enjoys a meal with Veteran Army Ranger Cory Remsburg and his family in their home. Obama met Remsburg in 2009, then Remsburg was seriously injured in a roadside explosion a year later while in Afghanistan. Since then, Obama has met with Cory and his family several times, never forgetting to thank him for his enormous sacrifice.


President Obama looks on with concern as Vice President Joe Biden promises to glaze the smiling emloyee’s donut hole at the famed Gingerbread House Bakery in Kokomo, Indiana.


“The President shares a laugh while having lunch with Rebekah Erler at Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Erler, a 36-year-old working wife and mother of two pre-school aged boys, had written the President a letter about the economic challenges of raising a family. When a trip to Minneapolis was scheduled, the President invited Rebekah to have lunch with him. He later met her family and the following day, Rebekah introduced the President at his economic speech.”


“Call it the Shake Shack slide. As he is wont to do, the President normally does a group photo with restaurant staff when he stops for lunch or dinner somewhere. After having lunch with Vice President Biden at a Shake Shack in Washington, D.C., the President asked me where he should stand for the photo. Before I could even reply, the President jumped on the counter and slid onto the other side. The Vice President soon followed.”


“Sometimes you get lucky as a photographer. The President was greeting the crowd outside Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque in Kansas City. As he began talking to a young boy, actually giving him some life advice, someone’s smart phone briefly illuminated the President’s face. Without this light, the photograph wouldn’t have been nearly as successful.”

The pictures I’ve included obviously revolve around food, since, you know, Foodbeast and all. However, if you’d like to see all of them (and I highly suggest you do, they’re very well done), you can check them out here.



Photo Credit: Peter Souza, Official White House Photographer

Hit-Or-Miss News Restaurants

Japan Gets Into ‘Naked Eating’ With Their New All-Nude Restaurant

With the ever-growing trend of naked restaurants, it’s no wonder that Japan wants to join in on all the nude, sweaty fun.

A few weeks ago, a restaurant called Bunyadi opened up in London and specializes in catering to the naked. This all-nude restaurant was made to bring people back to their primal roots. Is there anything more natural than eating in the nude? Although you are encouraged to let your loose, floppy, hanging skin droop all over the place, there is also a clothed section for people who aren’t particularly interested in penis-watching.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.06.02 PM

The food is grown locally while the men are imported from Sweden or an Ivy League College.

Well, in order to keep up, a similarly-themed restaurant called The Amrita is opening up in Tokyo, Japan, on July 29th. This restaurant, however, varies from the English counterpart in that not all are welcome. The Bunyadi invites anyone of any size or age to enjoy their food free from all the trappings of the modern world, while The Amrita requires that you meet certain…expectations.

According to Rocket News 24, The Amrita won’t be a totally nude restaurant. As is typical in Japanese culture, hygiene is taken very seriously, so guests will be provided with “paper underpants” as opposed to letting their junk rub up on everything, which would be a way cooler restaurant in my opinion.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 1.59.28 PM

The “paper underwear” I imagine guests are given at the door. Kinda hot TBH.

The details surrounding this new restaurant are murky at best. Many of the packages and options available range widely from 12,000-80,000 yen (or $122-$563). The rules that you’re required to follow would cause a nationwide riot if we tried to apply them to an all nude restaurant here in the states.

Firstly, you cannot be overweight to eat at this restaurant. If you are 33 lbs. or more overweight (according to the standard BMI measures applied based on your height), you will be rejected at the door with no money back. Secondly, only people between the ages of 18 and 60 are allowed in, and will require their ages to be verified at the door. Roughly 3.5% of Japan is considered obese, while we here in America are closer to the 30% range, so these rules might not be as restricting to potential guests as we might think. Still, getting turned away at the door for being too fat certainly won’t feel good.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.07.29 PM

The variety in prices makes me think these men are for sale. Is that legal? Also, anyone wanna split one with me? Could be fun.

The restaurant will also be providing a show with the dinner, and considering the overall theme, it’s likely to involve some nudity. The website, still being regularly updated, even has a tab that displays all of the scantily clad male servers that will be working at the restaurant, although it currently has a stock photo where their images are supposed to be.

I don’t know what it says, but the English words I found were still pretty entertaining.

As of now, the restaurant seems to be open for only 3 days, July 29-31, and of those three days, two of them are already completely sold out. Only time will tell if it will be worth it for these naked nibblers to visit.



Photo Credit: The Amrita, Ali Baba


Watching Hungry Clams Emerge From The Beach Is Absolutely Haunting

I’m naive to clams.

I eat them in hordes when available, in pasta and on pizzas whenever the chance presents itself, but never have I thought about them as living beings with eating needs like the rest of us. Not until today, stumbling across a nondescript video uploaded in 2012 of a wave calmly washing over a sandy beach, only to leave behind an incentive for thousands of clams to poke up through the surface and begin feeding.

The experience, I’m sure only exasperated in person, is equal parts haunting and gratifying. Eat on clams. Eat on: