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Vlogger Who Tested McDonald’s Monopoly Had To Eat 1,000 Leftover Fries [WATCH]

A few weeks ago, Canadian Blogger Furious Pete ordered 100 large French fries from McDonald’s to see how accurate their Monopoly sweepstakes was. He discovered that the odds were quite a bit lower than originally advertised by the fast food chain. He was also left with 100 containers of large fries.

As stale as those fries are at this point, the competitive eater could not let them all go to waste. Taking 1,000 French fries from his massive order, Pete sits down and chomps through a massive bowl of the golden stuff with a little help from Mr. Ketchup.

Watch as this steadfast vlogger powers through this majestic mound of French fries. Sure it’s no 50×50 In-N-Out burger, but inspiring nonetheless.

Aside from In-N-Out, fresh out of the fryer McDonald’s fries are some of our favorite fast food items out there. Unfortunately for Pete, once they go stale, it’s hard coming back from the awful taste.

Color us impressed, Peter.

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Novice Female Competitive Eater Takes On In-N-Out 50×50 Challenge Like A Pro

It’s no secret the world of competitive eating has been dominated by male competitors for years. While female juggarnauts like Miki Sudo and Sonya Thomas are ranked within Major League Eating’s top 10, there are only 13 female competitors in MLE’s Top 50.

However, that will soon change, as a new and unknown female competitor is calmly eating her way through massive eating challenges on YouTube, and is set on breathing new life into the role of women in the realm of competitive eating.

Her name is Raina Huang, and she’s hungry. To demonstrate her talents, Huang recently completed the In-N-Out 50×50 Challenge — in less than 40 minutes.

On November 2, more than 80,000 people tuned-in on FOODBEAST’s Facebook page to witness history via livestream.

A few weeks ago, Huang created a name for herself by dominating the competition during the Pabst Blue Ribbon Pizza Eating Challenge at Oozefest 3. There Huang ate 16 slices of pizza in 10-minutes to take the W.

For the most part, Raina Huang, a resident of Walnut, Calif., is an unknown. She recently started a YouTube channel to showcase herself casually eating her way through massive 8-pound burritos and 6.5-pound sushi challenges. Her modest demeanor and shy persona are slightly deceiving characteristics, but once she starts eating — it’s all business.

In order to prepare her body for these challenges, Huang claims her training consists of lots of cardio, and says she also drinks a gallon of water, everyday, in less than five minutes.

It’s quite a sight to witness this miraculously gluttonous task in person. In total, the 50×50 challenge took the novice competitive eater less than 40-minutes to not just complete, but dominate.

Photo/Evan Lancaster

However, this 50×50 In-N-Out Challenge isn’t a first. In 2016, well-known professional eater Naader “Freak Eating” Reda attempted the challenge live on a FOODBEAST livestream, but came up short, consuming a respectable and then world record, 40 patties.

For Huang’s effort, she started off quickly, devouring multiple patties at a time. Unlike her counter-part Freak Eating, she didn’t use any sauce or ketchup. From sitting, standing, and even jumping at times, Huang was determined to break Freak Eating’s 40×40 record.

In the midst of the insane gastrointestinal task at hand, and another story for another time, is the fact that before now, ordering an In-N-Out’s 50×50 has proved near impossible.

On November 2, FOODBEAST proved that Southern California’s most well-known burger chain is capable of churning out a 50×50 upon request.

While a $63 In-N-Out 50×50 is impressive on its own, what’s more impressive is watching YouTuber Raina Huang set a world record by eating THE ENTIRE THING.

Huang’s tactic of going condiment-free might have been the smartest move. Freak Eating continuously dunked his portions into ketchup, but he had to tap out at 40.

However, as Huang mowed through the majority of the burger, she began to complain about the saltiness. Perhaps Freak Eating’s ketchup tactic backfired, adding more sodium to the equation, draining his mouth of much needed saliva to help break down massive amounts of meat.

Either way, it’s safe to say that there have been some long-standing heavyweights in the competitive eating world. Now, the industry should be ready to add Huang’s name to the ranks of household names like Joey Chestnutt, Matt Stonie, and Naader “Freak Eating” Reda.

It’s not everyday someone becomes the world record holder for eating a In-N-Out 50×50, so someone better call The Guinness Book of World Records, because Huang deserves a trophy.

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College Student Dies After Choking During Pancake Eating Contest

A word of caution to anyone interested in trying out competitive eating for themselves: it can be dangerous and deadly.

Such was the case for Sacred Heart University student Caitlin Nelson, who died on Sunday after choking during a pancake eating contest for her sorority.

NY Daily News reported that Nelson began choking at the contest after eating four to five pancakes Thursday, and was almost immediately treated to by nursing students as paramedics arrived. Unfortunately, they were unable to clear her airway. She was later taken to a hospital, where she died three days later.

The pancake eating contest was part of a charity event for Greek Week at the university.

Sadly, this wasn’t the only death to occur during an eating challenge in the past week. KDVR reported that a young man in Denver also died after attempting to conquer a donut-eating challenge at Voodoo Doughnut, and also choking.

Denver-based competitive eater Bryan Beard told KDVR that people often overlook the dangers of such competitive eating conquests until after the fact.

“People don’t think about the hazards of an eating contest until it’s too late… I’ve choked to the point where I had to reach down and pull it out of my throat. Every competitive eater has choked. It happens.”

At officially sanctioned eating competitions, medical personnel are on staff to immediately help in case somebody does choke. At a local eating contest or challenge like the pancake eating contest or donut challenge, however, that’s not the case, and while medical help did arrive, it was too late in both instances.

So if you’re considering participating in an eating challenge, learn from these tragedies. Make sure there is somebody nearby who is trained in CPR and first aid, have water around to wash the food down, and keep your cheeks clear of food at all times. It may very well save your life.

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Watch FreakEating Take Down A Six-Pound Burrito In Under 15 Minutes

The feats of competitive eaters never cease to amaze me.

To celebrate the opening of their second food truck, Filipino fusion specialist, the White Rabbit Truck, decided to host an eating challenge of their behemoth six-pound burrito. Competitive eater Naader “FreakEating” Reda stepped up to take it down in a special Foodbeast Facebook livestream.

White Rabbit’s burrito is huge, requiring six tortillas to hold everything together as the base. Six slices of cheese and six scoops of garlic rice are then loaded into the burrito, along with a plethora of your meat of choice (FreakEating went with chicken adobo). Finally, it’s finished with six fried eggs and then wrapped up in foil before being sent out to the hungry challengers.

Typically, those who wish to take on the monstrosity get half an hour to do so. FreakEating doesn’t need that kind of time, however, and scarfed the entire thing in just under fifteen minutes. Wow.

I just spent that same amount of time to finish my half-pound lunch.

How this guy does it, I can’t really explain or comprehend, but you should definitely check out the livestream to see this impressive feat for yourselves.

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This Dude Attempted To Eat An In-N-Out 50×50 And Broke A World Record

At 11:47 am, a man walked into our office with the fire of a thousand salsa packets. That man’s name was Naader Reda, a competitive eater also known as Freak Eating. So if a dude who’s in the business of eating copious amounts of junk food comes into the Foodbeast office, you gotta do something special for lunch right?


We challenged FreakEating to see if he could handle a 50×50 Cheeseburger from In-N-Out. That’s 50 beef patties from the popular California burger chain with the occasional lettuce and tomatoes in there, rounding out the ends of the meat mountain.


It was a struggle as he hit consecutively reached double digits, the halfway mark, the world record and finally 40 patties.

I wanted to call it quits around the early thirties, but I told myself only a few more! It was painful, but at the end I was glad I was able to break the record.

Though he was only able to handle 40 patties before submitting to power of the 50×50, records were still broken in tremendous fashion. As you can see from the live stream, however, he did put up a valiant effort.


A little more than an hour into the challenge, Naader crushed the world record of 37 burger patties previously set by competitive eater Matt Stonie.

Anytime you can break one of Stonie’s records, it’s a pretty big accomplishment.

Can’t wait to have you back man. Hopefully Elie keeps his hands off your food next time.



In Spite of Ban, Restaurant Hosts Decadent Foie Gras Burger Eating Challenge

It’s the Shut the Duck Up Burger, a mouthwatering thumb in the air at the foie gras ban in California created by chef Jason Quinn of The Playground restaurant in Orange County.

The new burger comes as a double instance of his popular, now off-the-menu Playground Burger that many call the best burger they’ve ever had. For those unfamiliar, the Playground Burger traditionally comes with a Wagyu chuck & dry-age ribeye torchon patty, Tomme de Savoie and a ration of maple-bourbon onions. With Quinn’s latest creation, he doubles the brand’s trademark patty, and tops it all with some beautifully prepared foie gras.

While it remains illegal to sell foie in California restaurants, loopholes remain intact that allow establishments to basically give the meat away through their own creative means. As an added statement, The Playground, along with clothing brand Orisue (and full disclosure, Foodbeast will be there too) will be hosting a 10-person, high-end eating contest featuring the decadent new burger, along with a side of fries and a frosty craft brew.

Coined Gluttons and Glory, the event will take place August 11th at 9:30 p.m. If you’re in the area, make sure to swing by and make sure you grab a good seat, you won’t want to miss a second of this foie gras overload.

Photography by: PhilGorgeous