Now You Can ‘Eat’ Bacon, Mango, Cotton Candy, or Chocolate-Flavored Mists


Just, NO, okay?

In an awful waste of scientific ingenuity, someone decided to create an “Edible Mist Machine” that lets you enjoy vaporized flavor hits without the hassle of calories, chewing, or actually, you know, ingesting anything. Like an e-cig essentially, but without even the nicotine to help you feel better about it.

Designed by Charlie Harry of Lick Me I’m Delicious — the same guy who created the glow-in-the-dark and Viagra ice creams — this space age-y invention is capable of producing over 200 flavors in mist form, “from mango to chocolate, apple pie to smoked bacon.” For just shy of $10,000 in the States, you can use it for food-themed parties (dumb), or maybe in shopping malls to convince people to go to the food court (evil, but also dumb).

Either way, we’ll still happily enjoy our real bacon, thanks.

H/T Geekosystem + Pithx Lick Me I’m Delicious


London Café Invites Customers to Pair E-Cigarettes with Coffee


London’s Shoreditch,  home to the hipster, the pinstriped nicotine cravers and the too-cool-for-school East London dwellers, is the new site for London’s first e-cigarette coffee shop.

Vape Lab, launched by French expats Pierre Durand and Jonathan Cadeilhan, opened its doors last month to sell not only e-cigarettes, but also to rent them out by the hour to caffeine fans while they enjoy their coffee.

The shop offers an extensive range of flavored ‘e-liquids’: from custard to Cuban tobacco, absinthe to bubblegum. While its products do not come cheap – reusable base units start at £ 45; 10 ml bottles of flavored solutions at £ 7 – Durand and Cadeilhan argue that a 10 ml bottle is equivalent to seven packets of normal cigarettes, making it value for money.

The founders predict this is the start of what will become a widespread trend. “Here in London, it’s a young market: you see people here with disposable cigarettes and they will switch to electronic cigarettes. In five years’ time, there will be no more tobacco,” told the Guardian. Noted.