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Kim Kardashian Swears The Powdered White Lines In Her Snaps Are ‘Candy’

UPDATE: Kim jumped back on snapchat to address the fan allegations, and as she streamed the table in question, it appeared that she was wrong, and it was not candy lines. Unless she’s pulling some witchcraft, the white lines were actually part of the pattern on the marble table. She calmly reiterated that she is a mother, does not adhere to a crazy party lifestyle, and that drug use is not her thing.

Original: Kim Kardashian took to Snapchat to announce some new products in her children’s clothing line, but all anyone can talk about were the highly sus powdery lines in the background.

As Kim talked up the new customized kids Yeezy shoes, there seemed to be powdery white lines on a table behind her, leading people to believe she was involved in some drug activity.




Kim immediately addressed the issue, saying the white lines were sugar, after having a candy-filled day with her daughter North at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York, yesterday.

Her story checks out, as she really was at Dylan’s with her daughter, but people don’t seem to be buying it, as the “sugar” seems to be suspiciously lined up and spaced out the way a cut up drug would be, ready to become nose candy.



Also, we’ve seen snortable chocolate in the market now, so maybe she was just trying to get a similar sugar high.

Kim didn’t remove the snap, so for the next couple of hours, the world can watch the vid themselves and form their own opinion, but in the end, it is her business what she does with her “sugar.”

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Kanye Rolls Up On A Candy Store, Drops $200 on Skittles And Push Pops

If you get to the check-out line and decide you want to treat yourself to a Kit-Kat or a Snickers bar, you’ve had a satisfying trip to the store. However, Kanye West doesn’t settle for $2 sweets and of course, has to take things to the extreme.

Yeezy, Kim Kardashian, and baby North West were spotted going on a high-roller candy spree at Dylan’s Candy Bar in Los Angeles, Monday.

They must have been inspired by Lamar Odom’s old sweet tooth, as the power couple dropped $200 on an array of lollipops, Push Pops, Gobstoppers, Sour Skittles, Rainbow Nerds, Sour Octupus and Peachie-O’s, according to TMZ.

You have to think they walked out with a heavy amount of each candy, though, because none of the candy described should ever amount to anything more than $20.

Maybe Kanye was stocking up for his upcoming tour, or maybe he was paying tribute to the late great Gene Wilder and his portrayal of Willy Wonka. Regardless, that’s a baller amount of money to spend on one trip to the candy store.


Now You Can Buy Candy Crush Candies in Real Life


Healthy perceptions of reality are so overrated.

Now, some might claim it’s important that kids grow up knowing the difference between the digital and physical, between attacking produce in a video game and attacking it in a grocery store, but to those folks, we say: BAH.

New York-based candy company Dylan’s Candy Bar recently unveiled a line of Candy Crush-themed chocolates, Swedish fish, and gummies inspired by the popular Bejeweled-esque smartphone game. Now you can hone your sweet pattern-recognition skills long after you’ve killed your phone battery.

candycrush2 candycrush5 candycrush4 candycrush3

The Candy Crush Candies come in four varieties: chocolate Color Bombs, Jelly Fish gummies, Mixed Fruit gummies, and Sour Fruit gummies.

They are available online from Dylan’s Candy Bar, $4 each or $15 for all four.

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