These Baristas Stopped Working To Do Something Beautiful For A Customer

Maybe I’m just being hormonal, or maybe it’s because I watched The Green Mile last night and now crying all the time just feels right, but a handful of coffee shop baristas just made me bawl like a 13-year-old girl finding out that Zayn Malik left One Direction. That still hurts, too.

Barbara Danner was waiting in the drive-thru line at Dutch Bros. Coffee when she saw multiple baristas reaching out their hands (and their hearts) to the customer in line in front of her. She snapped a picture, then asked the baristas what the story was behind the sentimental display.

According to her post, the woman in line in front of her lost her 37-year-old husband the night before. The baristas noticed that something was troubling her, and immediately offered their support. When they found out what had happened, three or four of them dropped whatever they were doing and bowed their heads in prayer with her.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.59.44 PMApparently this spontaneous act of kindness and humanity is nothing new for the Good Samaritans at Dutch Bros. After sifting through the comments on Danner’s post, it’s fairly easy to see how common stories like this are. I legitimately could not find a single story documenting a bad time at Dutch Bros. Rather, I am now bawling like a baby back bitch after reading all of them.

One woman’s newborn son passed away, and the barista at the time cried with her and shared her pain. Another barista waived a customer’s coffee payment after hearing about her dog and best friend being put down, and read some Peanuts Gallery comics to her to cheer her up. A third barista gave a drink to a man rushing to the hospital to see the birth of his Nephew. Two weeks later, the customer returned to a free drink and a friendly face that genuinely inquired as to the health of the baby.

The stories that I’m seeing from this place continue to baffle me. How does one establishment find so many good people? I know every company spews some bullshit about sharing one heart, one mind and one goal, but in my 27 years on Earth, never once have I seen such a large collection of wonderful people actually accomplish such a daunting feat. If you need a good cry right now, check out the post and skim through the comments, you won’t be disappointed.

Next time you’re planning on going to Starbucks, consider finding a Dutch Bros. Coffee instead. After all, we can all use a hug more often than we let on, and something tells me any employee at any Dutch Bros. location would be happy to oblige.

Dutch Bros. Coffee, I salute you.



Photo Credit: Facebook

Packaged Food

Some Dopes Just Funded a $11K Kickstarter for Bacon Sprinkles, aka Bacon Bits


People buy a lot of stupid things. Those balance bracelets for instance. Or fortune teller readings, or Instagram followers. But it takes a special kind of genius to sell them things they already have.

Bacon Hagelslag is a recently funded project on Kickstarter that, despite its cool foreign name, is essentially just bacon bits. Meant to be drizzled over salad or sandwiches or ice cream, it’s the bro’s version of regular “hagelslag” — chocolate sprinkles Dutch people put on toast – and apparently was a cool enough idea that over 500 backers pledged over €8,500 to make it a reality.

Let’s reiterate: over 500 people paid nearly twelve thousand US dollars. For. Bacon. Bits.

Thrillist called the bacon-slag “bacon sprinkles” and praised their six month shelf life. For reference, regular bacon bits can keep between six months to a year.

There is, of course, the possibility that the Dutch simply don’t have bacon bits, in which case we might be willing to look the other way. If we didn’t have bacon bits, we’d pay big money to make ’em real too.