Dunkaroos Are Making A Comeback This Summer

90s kids have another reason to rejoice because the popular childhood snack, Dunkaroos will indeed be making a sudden comeback in the Summer of 2020!  The Betty Crocker branded bites just created a less than cryptic account dedicated to the creamy cookies with one post simply captioned with the “looking eyes” emoji.


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Dunkaroos distribution was halted in 2012 in the United States, and 2018 in Canada.  The snack has garnered a cult following since the years of its discontinuation, with many fans urging a comeback, and few even attempting a homemade recreation.

The reintroduction to the market will begin with its original cookies, with vanilla frosting and sprinkles flavor.


If You Really Miss Dunkaroos, Here’s How To Make Them At Home

Chef Josh Elkin‘s Snack Back series focuses on the best bites of our childhoods. In his latest installment, the chef tackles the classic Dunkaroos.

You know, the tiny cookies you dip into a deliciously sweet cream.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Cream cheese, unsalted butter, salt, vanilla extract, powdered sugar and rainbow sprinkles. Oh, and cookies to dunk with of course.

Here’s what to do:

Cream together 4 ounces of room temperature cream cheese with 1/4 cup of unsalted butter. Add a pinch of salt a a teaspoon of vanilla extract, continuing to mix it together until the consistency of is uniform.

Now, add a cup of powdered sugar in three stages. Don’t dump all of it into your mix at once. When the powdered sugar is completely blended into the cream, add 1/3 cup of rainbow sprinkles.

Gently fold the sprinkles into the mix. If you over mix, the sprinkles will bleed into the base.

All that’s left to do is dunk to your heart’s content.


Today I Learned: Oreo Dunkaroos Really Do Exist


Back in July, someone invented earth-shattering M’Oreos, with many claiming that this would be the closest we’d ever get to Oreo Dunkaroos. Even the Twitterverse bemoaned this lack of Oreo innovation.


Apparently, mankind wasn’t reaching it’s full potential. Something had to be done and yet, the Oreo company remained silent on the issue. So we moved on, filling our days with doge memes and Rob Ford.

That is, until we stumbled upon these late last night:


Yes, the Dunkaroo version of Oreos exist and they’re called “Cookie Sticks ‘n Creme Dip.” Apparently, they’ve been around for a while now and you can buy them at Target, Walmart and even Amazon. We understand if you’re experiencing at mix of shock, disbelief, and uncontrollable joy right now. We’ve got extra undies on deck.

If this is something you’ve known for years, let us know so we can shame you for keeping this a secret for so long.


These Earth-Shattering MOREOs are the Dunkaroos for Adults

moreo (1)

There are moments in history when someone is daring enough to shoot for the muthf*ckin stars. This is one of them. Cue in Reddit user EternallyXIII. This guy had the cojones to finally do what generations of Oreo fans have thought.



The earth-shattering idea: place Oreo cookies and creme in separate trays, allowing people to “customize” each dip. The concept came pitched with a mock-up “Moreo” packaging, driving home the idea that the current creme-to-cookie ratio just isn’t cutting it. Sorry, Nabisco, Double Stufs were noble attempts, but this is what the masses really want.

Plus, you can even change it up with a double-decker peanut butter version.


Apparently, EternallyXIII has been trying to make the Moreo a reality for quite some time. “I’ve been trying to get ahold of someone at Nasbisco for years… Make this happen!” he wrote.

Hear that, Nabisco? The people have spoken.

H/T Reddit + PicThx Bear Silber