Here’s How To Make Uber-Cute Mini Pumpkin Dumplings


Why? Because pumpkin vodka and pumpkin ice cream doesn’t cut it these days. No, we need these super cute pumpkin dumplings in our life. Like, “NAO.” Also, everyone loves adorable food fodder and if you don’t like these little jack-o-lanterns, something must be terribly, terribly wrong with you.

For the recipe, you’ll probably have most of the ingredients (other than the whiskey and pumpkin) already lying around your kitchen: pumpkin, butter, milk, brandy or whiskey, egg yolk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and sugar. You’ll be mixing the ingredients into a pumpkin mush and wrapping them into petite balls, then popping them into a toaster oven. By the way, you literally just need a microwave and toaster oven to get the job done.

So worth the cuteness.

To get deets on the recipe, check out Rocket News 24.




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