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Livestream Yourself Eating Dumplings At World’s First ‘Mukbang’ Restaurant

Beijing8 in Europe just opened a section of its restaurant where you can sit in front of a camera, chow down on their dumplings, and broadcast it live for the world to see.

In simpler terms, they’re letting you do some Mukbang.

If you’re not familiar with “Mukbang” culture, it’s basically a Korean trend where people livestream themselves eating large amounts of food, while simultaneously talking to viewers, and even taking requests on how to eat it. It has become quite the phenomenon over the years, and some are actually making a good living out of it.

Beijing8 has setup these Mukbang stations in all three of its restaurants in Hornstull and Gothenburg in Sweden and Helsinki, Finland.

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They claim to be the world’s first Mukbang restaurant, and it’s a little disappointing that a restaurant in Korea couldn’t get the jump on it, but you never know if this kind of thing will catch on and make its way to its country of origin.

Even then, one of the cool things about Mukbang is being able to do it in the comfort of your own home, so who knows what this leads to, but it might just become one of those things that you want to try at least once. Plus, there’s always the human desire of getting attention, which is why Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and even Snapchat exist.

If you want random people to watch you eat dumplings, here’s your spot.

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This Popular NYC Restaurant Has A Dumpling Made From FOOD WASTE, And It Tastes Great


A restaurant in New York City found a way to combat food waste by creating a menu-item comprised of leftover ingredients they would have normally just thrown out.

Mimi Cheng’s, the popular NYC-based dumpling house, just introduced a brand-new food waste Dumpling appropriately named the wastED dumpling. The new item repurposes the restaurant menu’s ingredients, which usually gets composted, into a brand new item.

The dumplings are stuffed with bok choy ends, carrot ribbons, zucchini ends, kale stems, rice that’s been cooked in mushroom juice, and the outer leaves of cabbage. They’re served with a peanut miso ginger sauce.

Mimi Cheng’s has two locations in Nolita and the East Village. Half the proceeds from the dumping’s sales will be donated to City Harvest NYC, an organization that helps feed nearly 1.4 million New Yorkers facing hunger every year.

Photo: Mimi Cheng’s

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These Thanksgiving Dumplings Are A HIT At This NYC Restaurant

New York natives will know Mimi Cheng’s Dumpling house is where you want to be to get your hands on some delicious, home-style Taiwanese dumplings. Founded by sisters Marian and Hannah Cheng, the restaurant garnered sensational media coverage in the two years since they’ve opened.

Mimi Cheng’s is celebrating the upcoming family holiday by bringing back their famous Thanksgiving Dumplings.

The dumplings are stuffed with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and are served with a house-made cranberry sauce. They’re then wrapped, steamed, and pan seared to get that crispy texture. Each bite is an entire Thanksgiving meal in one.

You can find the holiday dumplings at Mimi Cheng’s two locations in New York: Nolita and the East Village. But act fast as they are only available through today!

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Restaurant Combined Tom Yum Soup With Ravioli And It’s Beautiful


Our buddy Andy invited us over to the Union Market in Mission Viejo, CA, last week where we got to visit a few dope spots at the brand new food hall.

While sippin on some tea at Milk Box, our eyes caught a restaurant across the hall.

Anchor Hitch, it’s called.

Known for their raw take on seafood dishes, one dish in particular caught our attention. This was the Tom Yum Agnoletti.


Those might now Tom Yum as a popular Thai soup dish made with shrimp. Anchor Hitch’s version combines the Thai staple with the texture of a ravioli.

It’s made with shrimp-stuffed ravioli, a Tom Yum cream, sautéed maitake mushrooms, scallions and sesame seeds.

The chefs plate it in a way that captures the beautiful of an island meant to be seen from a birds eye view.

Fellow Foodbeast Geoff had this to say:

The combination of mixing elements of a soup dumpling and ravioli is already impressive. But by then adding a new dimension of Tom Yum soup into the equation, is nothing short of brilliance.

For a dude that’s been in the food world for nearly a decade, that’s some pretty high praise.

You can find Anchor Hitch at:

27741 Crown Valley Pkwy

Mission Viejo, CA 92691


Donald Trump As A Plate Of Dumplings Is The Funniest Shit You’ll See Today

Somebody somewhere needs to come forward and take credit for this nonsense right now, because it’s hilarious and I want to love you for it.

An unknown genius out there has created a website dedicated to bouncing dumplings with Donald Trump’s face on them, aptly called “Trumplings.” Of course, they come fully equipped with actual Trump quotes that are both completely ridiculous and depressingly real.

Fortunately for all you good people, the buck doesn’t stop there. The God amongst men that created this gloriousness even gave viewers the ability to pepper in a few Sarah Palin heads here and there.

Each head you drop repeats one of her insane Trump endorsements, creating a dish so loud, American, obnoxious and ignorant that you can’t help but love hating it and hate loving it.

Click here to check out the website and waste an ungodly amount of time on these “Trumplings.”

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Man Creates Tiny Dumplings The Size Of A Fingertip And They Look Delicious

Tiny Dumplings Vid

We’ve said it before, watching a grown man cook tiny meals can be super relaxing. Japanese YouTube star Miniature Space is known for creating intricate meals that fit on the tip of a finger. This time, he made a minuscule meal of dumplings.

This guy cuts the cabbage, mixes the fillings and even folds the dumplings by hand before throwing them into a frying pan. He even tops it off with a few droplets of beer. Who knew such a tiny meal could look so appetizing.

Check out the adorably delicious video below.


How To Make Mac & Cheese Dumplings


Sometimes our publisher Elie Ayrouth texts me all kinds of shenanigans in the late hours of the night. Usually I’ll take a quick glance, then go back to sleep. This time, rather than another Sons of Anarchy spoiler, he opened with:


You had me at “wuddduppp,” buddy.

We put our heads together the following day to see if such a thing could be executed, much less made to look appealing. All signs pointed to yes.


Here’s what you’re gonna need:

– Mac & Cheese.
– Dumpling wrappers.
– Egg.
– Water.


We start off by making the macaroni and cheese. Easy enough, especially if you grab the cheap instant kind from the store. Should cost you about $1. You can also take your time and make the recipe from scratch.

There’s no wrong way to do this:


Once your mac and cheese is cooked and ready, set aside the bowl.


The dumpling wrappers are tricky. You could either look up a homemade recipe if you want to use fresh dough, or hit up your local Asian supermarket. A pack of 40 wrappers will be less than $2.

Make sure it’s labeled “Dumpling Wrapper” and not “Wonton,” though.

Lay out the dumpling wrappers on a flat surface and spoon in a teaspoon or so of your macaroni and cheese. You’re not going to want too much or you won’t be able to wrap it together.


Make a quick egg wash (beat an egg and splash some water) and spread on two adjacent edges of the dumpling wrapper. Fold the dry side diagonally to meet the wet side.

*Cue trashy porno music*

Feel free to get creative with your macaroni and cheese during this step. Add some extra shredded cheddar, maybe some bacon bits, or even nacho cheese.

Push the mac and cheese mix together so all the air is released and seal the edges together by pressing them tightly. Fold the two side edges back, bringing them together, and add a little egg wash so that they’ll stick.


It should look a little like this.

The next and final step is to steam your dumplings. Either you have a steamer basket at home, or you can MacGyver yourself one using a couple of pots and a cooking tray. Allow to steam for about ten minutes until outside is firm and glossy.

Then dig in.


You can also whip up a spicy dipping sauce, or just drench that sucker in Sriracha. However, they can definitely be enjoyed on their own.


These Poutine Dumplings Will Have Canada Crying Foul


Those dudes from Epic Meal Time are at it again. They’ve already destroyed the sanctity of poutine once before with their Deep Fried Sushi Poutine, but these guys have outdone themselves with these Poutine Dumplings.

Canadians and Italians alike will probably will take the most offense to this international food mashup that pairs a massive potato maple bacon gnocchi-esque dumpling stuffed with cheese curds, coated with onion crunch, pan fried, and topped off with brown gravy.

Sure, Canada might be pissed since this is not technically a traditional poutine since there’s no fries involved , but here in America anything that’s stuffed with cheese then fried is sure to be an instant hit.

Check out Epic Meal Time’s video for the recipe to make your own Poutine Dumplings.

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