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Duff Goldman Just Dropped An Exclusive All-Cereal Menu At Kellogg’s NYC Cafe

Ever since Kellogg’s NYC Café opened in Union Square last December, it has served as a wonderland for hardcore fans of the breakfast staple and foodies alike looking to reimagine cereal in fun, new ways. Now, the culinary ingenuity of their cereal creations have taken another unexpected twist, thanks to the cereal café’s first-ever culinary residency.

For two days, Food Network dessert icon Duff Goldman brought his personal influence into a unique, cereal-backed and fall-themed menu created for lunch and dinner. The result was a lineup of playful dishes that delivered on both innovative flavor combinations and entertaining visual appeal.

Goldman’s dishes were on the menu from September 12th-13th at the cafe, where five sold-out seatings were held each day for customers to try his offerings. To develop his menu of three appetizers, two entrees, three desserts, and a cereal course, he spent about a month ideating with cereal, he told Foodbeast.

“I just kinda went to town and started playing with it,” he said. “It wasn’t too hard to think about a cereal and then build an entire dish around the properties of that cereal… It’s like Iron Chef without the pressure.”

Of the dishes he created, a few stood out. These include the lahmajoun, or Middle Eastern flatbread, topped with a variety of ingredients. Goldman’s version included a turmeric and parsley pesto, haloumi cheese, and a lamb sausage made with Raisin Bran.

The bran flakes were also incorporated into the dough, adding a “sweet and nutty flavor,” as Goldman put it. “I’ll be making some lahmajoun when I get home,” he added, noting that it was one recipe he was definitely taking back with him.


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Another dish that stood out to both Goldman and the guests was the Kellogg’s Krispie Fish Stiks. Goldman’s love of fishing and fish tanks came to life in this offering, as he served it inside of a massive fish bowl packed with Rice Krispies and a few different fishing-related accoutrements.

Goldman’s favorite creation, though, was a component of his Froot Loops surprise dish. Inside of a special toothpaste tube was a rainbow creme patisserie (a flour-thickened custard) that changed colors as guests squeezed it out of the tube onto a cookie.

The whimsical energy backing each of Goldman’s dishes was a great way to imagine cereal in fun, unexpected ways.

“The biggest thing is to think like a kid,” he said, as it helps make dishes fun, creative, and delicious. “If 10-year-olds like what you’re making, everyone else will as well.”

Goldman also designed a limited-edition “cake themed” cereal bowl to benefit No Kid Hungry, which will be available at Kellogg’s NYC Café until supplies last.

All photos courtesy of Kellogg’s

Created in partnership with Kellogg’s


Ozzy Osbourne Cake

Ozzy Osbourne has had one of the most decorated careers in music history. He’s pooled together over 100 million album sales in his 40+ years as a recording artist, between his solo career and his membership in the band Black Sabbath. The “Prince of Darkness” has recently been immortalized (that can’t be the right term here…) in a cake made by the Charm City Cakes west team. The cake was presented to Ozzy’s wife Sharon Osbourne by Duff Goldman on a recent episode of CBS’ The Talk.

Eeerily detailed. The skin coloring on this cake is something to be admired:



Incredibly Realistic Chuck Taylors Sneaker Cake

If you can believe it, the pair of Chuck Taylors that are pictured are completely edible. Made by Erica of Charm City Cakes, this sweet dessert was made as a surprise groom’s cake that has a backstory to end all shoe-related backstories.

The groom fell for his wife back in high school because she was always wearing Chucks. They became friends during this duration, but then he moved away. Years later, the two reconnected and the fire rekindled. Now, they’re married, and what we see in the pictured cake is a recreation of the very pair he wore all through high school. Every rip, stain, dirt particle and shoelace fold maintained.

Jeeze, some of the stuff that comes out of the Charm City Cakes bakery is truly unbelievable. Anyone miss their show on the Food Network, Ace of Cakes? I know I do…




Duff Goldman’s New Food Network Show — “Sugar High”

Ready for a Sugar High? Duff Goldman was made famous by Ace of Cakes, a reality television show that focused on the daily operation of his custom cake shop Charm City Cakes. Late 2010, Food Network decided to pull the plug on the show after its 10th season, opening the way for Duff to get out of the bakery, and continue to spark America’s sugar curiosity with his new series — Sugar High.

The new series, peremiering monday August 8th at 10:30pm ET/PT, will follow Duff as he makes a cross-country trek to explore the top dessert destinations around the country. In the six-episode premiere season Duff will visit an array of sweet spots ranging from diners and snow cone machines to food carts and boutique bakeries.

Sugar High

Goldman’s stops include Los Angeles, Dallas, New Orleans, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia, where he will be sharing his expertise and personality on his search to find the nation’s best baked goods. Sounds interesting enough, the question is, does Duff have enough swagger to keep America’s attention without the backing of his amazing cakes and crushing deadlines he faced back at his Charm City Cakes bakery? I guess we will all find out when the series debuts.

The question stands — will you be watching Sugar High?


Images Courtesy ‘Food Network’


Charm City Cakes Reveals the Most Elaborate Harry Potter Cake to Date

Charm City Cakes has long held the reigns as one of the top cake creatives in the industry, and this Harry Potter cake shows why. Don’t let the cancellation of their Food Network show “Ace of Cakes” fool you, these guys are still making cakes with a ferocity.

This particular dessert was made for the premiere of the latest Harry Potter film premiere in NYC — Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. When the film industry needs a cake, it’s likely they turn to celebrity baker Duff Goldman and the Charm City Cakes crew for those head-turning, neck-breaking confections. Enjoy you Potter-heads:


2008's Top 5 Biggest Food Stories

Food news is always wild, regardless of the economy. This year was no different. Today we countdown the 5 most popular entities in the food game according to their public impact and the sheer number of visits they sent to our humble little website. Without further ado, we wish 2008 good riddance with the revisiting of the TOP 5 BIGGEST HEADS in the Foodbeast game:


Charm City Cakes x Mrs. Grossman's

The famed Charm City Cakes (the bakery on the hit TV show, “Ace of Cakes”) recently teamed up with Mrs. Grossman’s, the oldest and largest sticker decorating company in the country to release a collaborative effort known as Mrs. Grossman’s Charm City Cakes Sticker Collection. Charm City’s chef, Duff Goldman, selected twelve of his favorite cake designs to be illustrated in Mrs. Grossman’s new collection. The set includes some scrumptiously amazing artwork, and the kind hearts over at Mrs. Grossman’s made sure that we over at Food Beast were well stocked! Check out the amazing package they sent us: