Drunkest Guy Ever Going Back for More Beer [REMIX VIDEO]

This security camera footage of one of the drunkest guys ever is one to behold. Standing at 4+ minutes long, you’d think one might lose interest, but the accompanying Lux Aeterna soundtrack by Clint Mansel really gives the video some legs (pun fully intended). Will this guy ever make it out of the store?


DRUNKBEAST: Orange Street Fair 2010 x In-N-Out

Last night some of the crew got their pregame on, then cruised over to the annual Orange International Street Fair for some grub and drinks. For three days the city of Orange closes off their beloved circle and turns it into a melting pot of different nationality food booths. I was too distracted from all the random people to eat, so we headed to In-N-Out after leaving, which as you may know is always a solid choice. Check the gallery after the jump.