Man Arrested After Handing Taco to Cop, Instead of I.D.

…he’ll probably arrest you, because you’re likely pretty drunk if you’re handing an officer of the law some Taco Bell. That’s exactly what happened to Matthew Falkner of Palm City, Florida earlier this month.

Authorities were alerted by a Taco Bell manager in Jenson Beach who reported a man falling asleep at the wheel of his car shortly after leaving the drive-thru window of the restaurant. The manager also reported the man’s foot was on the accelerator and smoke was coming from the engine.

Police arrived shortly thereafter, lifted Falkner’s foot off the pedal and asked to see his identification. Falkner declined,  reached into his bag and didn’t take out his ID, but a taco. Police stated that they asked for his ID, not a taco. Falkner laughed and then attempted to eat the taco he had pulled out. At that point, he was told to step out when authorities noticed the car’s engine was ablaze.

After the small fire was put out, breath tests revealed Falkner’s Blood Alcohol Level to over 0.22%– nearly three times the legal limit of .08% landing Falkner a DUI charge.

(via TCPalm)


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