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This Bar Uses Coasters From Drunk Drivers’ Wreckage To Teach Sobering Lesson

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There’s no better way to spend your night than grabbing a brewski with your friends, enjoying a few laughs, and looking down at a drink coaster that insinuates death.

The Emmet Ray whiskey bar in Toronto, Canada reminded its patrons to drive responsibly, through drink coasters made of cars involved in drunk driving accidents, according to Global News.

The surface of the coasters read, “This coaster used to be a car. That car never made it home.”

It’s a pretty chilling statement, whether you’re sober or wasted.

The bar teamed up with Arrive Alive, an organization that raises awareness of drunk driving, and the car parts were donated by an auto body shop in Vancouver.

According to Arrive Alive, the coasters were shaped with a hydraulic press, and the laser-etched with the chilling message.

It might not be something you want to see on a night that you’re out with friends and family, trying to have a good time, but if it helps save a life or two, it’s definitely worth it.


Woman Pulled Over While Tipsy and Looking for Open Domino’s

drunk dominos

A woman in Louisville was pulled over for drunk driving Sunday, but fret not, she wasn’t swerving and losing control because of her inebriated state. It was apparently because she was trying to score some late-night pizza. (Actually, probably because of her inebriated state as well.)

She was stopped at 2:30 a.m. The police found the Domino’s Pizza website open on her cell phone, as she had a hankering for some greasy, gooey, pizza goodness.

The woman told the police she had consumed a half bottle of wine and a beer, which is usually enough to trigger a pepperoni pizza craving. Am I right? Can’t blame her for wanting pizza, but the rest of her decisions were questionable.

She was charged for both driving under the influence of alcohol and using her cell phone while driving.

This could have all been avoided if it was easier to find pizza places that are open 24 hours. Or if, like, she hadn’t been drunk driving. Either, or.

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Irish Town Legalizes Drinking & Driving for Elderly Residents

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The residents of Irish town Kilgarvan have an entirely new reason to celebrate this winter after the town council passed a motion allowing select members of its community to drive home after consuming alcohol in one of the town’s downtown bars.

The motion to allow drunk driving was put forward by local pub owner and politician Danny Healy-Rae, who believes that the measure would “preserve pub culture, lower the risk of suicide, and attack isolation” among Kilgaryan’s inhabitants.

We’d definitely agree that sharing a pint or two (or five . . .) of Guinness with some local barflies will cure pretty much anyone of feelings of isolation, but Kilgarvan council members were quick to emphasize that this is not permission for the entire town to get plastered and hit the gas. The motion was passed primarily to accommodate “elderly people who live in very remote places.”

Hear that, kids? Drunk driving is still illegal and dangerous and very very bad. Unless it’s your Irish grandma behind the wheel. Then it’s totally fine.

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