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Drumstick Unveils New Ice Cream Bar Coated In Cookie Crumbs

It’s hard to improve upon the classics, but that’s exactly what Nestle is doing this spring with the release of their Crushed It! Ice Cream Bars.

Pivoting from the usual faux-Oreo crumb crust that dominates the ice cream bar game, the new bar’s coating features cookies that have been ground into a fine powder. Because of this, the bar has a unique melt-in-your-mouth sensory element uniquely different from Cookies ‘N’ Cream bar’s usual crunchy shell. 

The bars will be available in two flavors: vanilla fudge, which features vanilla ice cream with streaks of chocolate, and Cookies ‘N’ Cream. Both flavors have a component, a gooeyness from the fudge and the crunch from the Cookies ‘N’ Cream, that give the treat some depth beyond the new shell. 

In an economy as expansive as that of the ice cream bar, innovations aren’t necessarily rare. A new ice cream bar pops up in the freezer aisle as commonly as new tweets come on the timeline. Seeing as most of their sole innovations are to slap the face of whatever Marvel superhero has a new movie out on a vanilla flavored bar, an ice cream bar that tries to play both flavor and senses is distinctive. So, it could have some legs to stay around for a longer than most variations of classic flavors.

Crushed It! Ice Cream Bars will be available nationwide, rolling out into supermarkets everywhere between now and April for the price of $3.99.

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TWINKIES ICE CREAM CONES Are Now On Grocery Store Shelves

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A few months back, the Internet lost its collective minds when Twinkies-flavored ice cream hit frozen food aisles. Now, as we’ve taken a beat and calmed ourselves down, Hostess has done it again by dropping another Twinkie variation for the freezer section.

The snack brand released a line of frozen Twinkies-flavored ice cream cones, similar to Hostess’ popular Drumstick.

Hostess’ new snack is described as golden sponge cake, crumbles and cream, topped on a frozen dessert cone.

While we’re not entirely sure if the flavor will get a national release, we know that hit has arrived at midwestern states like Iowa.

We’ll keep you posted on any updates we may find. Until then, if anyone comes across the new flavor, make sure to send some our way!

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Feast Your Eyes On This MASSIVE KFC Drumstick

This is easily the largest chicken “drumstick” that I’ve ever seen.

YouTube channel HellthyJunkFood decided to take a crack at creating the largest KFC-style drumstick possible. While they had to go to some unconventional lengths, like utilizing ground chicken as the meat and finding the largest bone possible at a pet store, they were able to create a chicken monstrosity that looks pretty similar to a real drumstick.

The whole thing, bone and all, totals in at a whopping five pounds, with four of those being the ground chicken. While the dog bone may put some people off from tasting it, apparently it was incredibly juicy and didn’t taste awful.

While the channel doesn’t recommend trying this at home (primarily due to the fact that they acquired a massive dog bone as the base for their drumstick), it’s definitely a possibility. Instead of going to a pet store, though, I’d recommend finding a local butcher that breaks down whole cows and acquiring a massive beef bone from there.

If you do try making this gargantuan drumstick, send us a picture of it. It would definitely be a sight to behold.


Ice Cream Man Treats, Ranked


Photo: Phil Roeder

The ice cream men of America serve up a lot of goods, but these are the best.

5. Strawberry Shortcake Bar


This shot was taken seconds before there was none left to share. Photo: Richard Audet

As a kid, any flavor that’s not chocolate or vanilla can be inherently considered “exotic.” Strawberry is every child’s first foray into the unknown. The Strawberry Shortcake bar in particular is like creme brûlée for children. It has flavor, it has pizzazz, and it also feels kind of oddly healthy. It’s what kids think rich adults eat, so it’s what they order when trying to prove to their crushes they’re mature class-acts who’ll one day drive Ferraris.

4. Chocolate Eclair

This is a well-earned treat, sporting three different layers of immaculate wonder for your tastebuds. It wasn’t always your go-to, but when you get it, that first bite feels earned. You stand with your hands on your hips, scouting the board and seeing your go-tos, your favorites, but then you let out a, “You know –,” and decide to play a wildcard by ordering it and feeling a little different that day; just a bit cooler, just a bit more unpredictable, and very satisfied.

3. Drumstick


If you have a nut allergy, nothing to see here! Photo: Denise Krebs

The most universal treat in the ice cream man’s magical box, Drumsticks have never let anybody down. It’s the one thing on summer blocks all kids can agree on. At worst, you get a pleasant shrug if, for some reason, the most exciting items (all those smashed rainbow-colored treats) are out of stock. Drumsticks are a classic. They’re the Chuck Taylor All-Stars of dessert. Everyone gets it, even if it’s not all, or even most of the time.

2. Chipwich


You’re not going to find this sandwich at a Subway. Photo: Varin

It’s a masterful, sassy move; a mic drop on the dessert world. Before you order one you find yourself asking, “Would it be considered too much, too ostentatious, too ‘in your face?’” But then somebody decided doors were meant to be kicked in and the revolutionary item became a masterpiece standard. Now, it seems so foolish to have ever lived in a world where ice cream sandwiches weren’t napping luxurious between chocolate chip cookies.

1. Choco Taco


This one gets extra points for rhyming. Photo: Stephanie “veganlazysmurf”

Long before hybrid foods became all the rage (e.g. cronuts, cake pops, ramen burgers, bacon-infused / wrapped / flavored everything else), there was one item in existence that dared to go the wild distance. The Choco Taco took two of mankind’s greatest inventions, the taco and ice cream, and put them together so seamlessly, it’s hard to imagine how Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation spent their youth before the Choco Taco’s glorious Reagan-era launch. Did they watch the moon landing and wonder, how do we have the technology for this but not an even split of dairy treat and cone when biting into dessert?

Honorable mention: Any character with bubble gum eyes


I love your face. Photo: Kim Woodbridge

Like a gorgeous babe or strapping hunk, it looks amazing, sure, but you’ll always wind up heartbroken in the end. No matter how many times you’ve gone through this before, hoping it’ll turn out differently, those chewy eyes always taste like crap.

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KFC Drumstick iPhone Cover is as Ridiculous as it Sounds


If you weren’t able to nab an iPhone 6 this weekend and still have that janky iPhone 5s, you’re in luck, because you can upgrade it with this precious chicken drumstick case.

KFC Japan’s PR team must have gotten together and asked themselves, “How stupid would people look holding a giant chicken leg next to their face?” Then his mate probably responded with, “About as stupid as they do when they normally eat our chicken.”

With that said, KFC is hosting a contest where you can win this fowl case by following @KFC_jp on Twitter, hashtagging “#KFCカーナルズデー” (“KFC Colonel’s Day”), and linking to their promotional page.

You might have noticed the Colonel literally ROTFL in the pic above, that’s because even he thinks this thing is ridiculous. First We Feast translated the quote bubble and the Mr. Sanders caricature is saying, “Why is it so big!”

This isn’t the first time KFC Japan has provided us with majestic chicken gear as we can’t forget their chicken keyboard they graced us with a couple weeks ago.

The contest ends on September 24, so you have a couple days to try and win this sweet prize. Heck, you can even win this breathtaking chicken drumstick pillow for optimal rest when the Itis hits you.

H/T First We Feast, PicThx KFC Japan


14 Ice Cream Truck Treats from Your Childhood Summers

The other day I was sifting through junk mail on my porch (I have a riveting life, I know), when I heard the faint jingle of an ice cream truck. The sound was coming from around the street corner, and I was overcome by the sudden urge to chase after it. Instead, I stared in awe as a familiar white truck covered in photos of frozen treats rolled by.

My first thought: Ice cream trucks. They still exist.

So, here’s to you, ladies and gents who still remember running after that ever elusive gold mine as a kid in the hot summer sun.


Firecrackers were good but . . .


If the ice cream truck was really legit, they’d have these bad boys too: Turbo Rockets


PicThx World of Wynne, Chicago Now


TMNT Popsicle. Just don’t make the rookie mistake of eating the gumball eyes first


PicThx Dedleg


“What would you do for a Klondike Bar?” I think the correct question here is, “What wouldn’t you do?”

klondike bar

PicThx FunnyJunk


Crunch Bar


PicThx Drumstick


Snickers Ice Cream Bar. One is never, ever enough

snickersicecreambarPicThx StoryandAudience


Flintstone Push-Up . . . because Fred and Wilma are OGs

flinstones-push up

PicThx Flickr


Whoever invented Choco Tacos needs a library, park, city, country, etc. named after them




PicThx Gunaxin


Chocolate Chip Cookie + Ice Cream = Amazeballs


PicThx 3595


Strawberry Shortcake


PicThx Ingestion Digests


Creamsicle. Hint: These taste delicious when melted in a cold glass of hefeweizen


PicThx Winoista


Giant Neopolitan Ice Cream Sandwich


PicThx Norms Ice Cream


Nailed it

PicThx DeviantArt


Fudgsicles. A surefire classic


PicThx The Metal Misfit


Try having a bad day after eating one of these. We dare you


PicThx AwesomeHQ

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Pretty Sweet: New Oreo and Cheesecake Stuffed Waffle Cones from Checkers


There’s nothing like finally reaching the chocolate tip at the bottom of a Nestle Drumstick. But these new Stuffed Waffle Cones from Checkers/Rally’s get pretty damn close.

Grub Grade reports,

“Once you taste our new Stuffed Waffle Cones, dessert will never be the same again. We took our classic Vanilla Cone to the next level, packing it with decadent cheesecake filling and strawberry topping. And we put a new twist on our Twist Cone by piling on crushed cookies and rich creme. No matter which one you choose, you win.”

The only caveat? That judging by the promotional photos, these guys aren’t so much “stuffed” as merely sprinkled with cheesecake and Oreo pieces throughout. Which isn’t bad per se, but I would have liked to see a cone that was actually “stuffed” – deliciously creamy Oreos and fruity cheesecake nestled between two crispy layers of waffle wafer, and then covered with ice cream. It’s a dessert within a dessert around a dessert.


H/T + PicThx Grub Grade


This Hello Kitty Turkey Wears Her Bow on Her Drumstick

Just in case Nicole Westbrook didn’t give you enough unbearable cute to be thankful for this holiday season.

One question though: am I the only one concerned that non-turkey HK appears to be holding onto a turkey drumstick? Is this some weird message about cannibalism and the innate cruelty of the holiday? Or is all that nullified just because she doesn’t have a mouth?

Hello Kitty Reversible Turkey Plush: $28 @ The Mary Sue

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