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How This Gorgeous ‘Burger Drop’ Video Was Made Without CGI

Have you ever sat through a fast food commercial and wondered how they capture that mouth-watering stack of cheeseburger components dropping from the sky until they form a delicious burger Megazord?

In a recent 15-second burger video, that’s what exactly happens. Every single one of those seconds were carefully calculated.

Photographer Steve Giralt set out to see how much work actually goes into a burger drop. Through a machine he calls the Precision Arduino Timing Relay Imaging Controller, Giralt was able to capture every single ingredient with his camera without using any CGI.

The process goes as this: the food items were held together with rubber bands in the machine and released, video footage captured in the time it takes for a heart to beat. Needless to say, it was an impressive passion project.

You can see in this behind-the-scenes video the time-consuming process behind the 15-second clip of a burger drop.