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How To Make Thanksgiving Dinner With A Drone [HUMOR]

A drone has many uses when it comes to capturing breathtaking video and images, but did you know that the robotic flying machine can also help you prepare Thanksgiving dinner?

Autel Robotics released a hilarious commercial that shows how to practically use a drone to cook Thanksgiving dinner. In the video, it’s used for various tasks like peeling potatoes, beating eggs, whipping various foods, and flying some holiday meat into a deep fryer.

Obviously, the results weren’t the most appetizing. In fact, it was a downright disaster.

The video highlights end with the fact that their new X-Star Premium model was meant to capture stunning 4K Ultra HD footage rather than slaving away in the kitchen. You can buy the drone for $699 online.

Seriously, drone owners. Do not try this at home.

Hit-Or-Miss News

This Drone Is Designed To Follow You Around With Beef Jerky

In 2014, TGI Fridays had a cute Christmas promotion that involved a drone flying around the restaurant, holding a mistletoe so guests can laugh, kiss, and be merry. That shit ended up bloody and dangerous, but drones have come a long way since that disaster.

Now we’re at a point where a drone can follow you around the house, conveniently holding food for you to eat.

Enter the JerkyBot, which was made by drone developer Andy Shen in a collab with Chef’s Cut Real Jerky. Shen created the bot so that it senses you and stays within arms reach, that way you can conveniently grab some jerky wherever you go.

As an illustration, almost-retired baseball player David Ortiz tested out the JerkyBot. Sure, Ortiz isn’t the best actor, and his lines sound forced, but once you get over that, it’s pretty funny watching him do everyday chores while having access to beef jerky right beside him.

The JerkyBot site has a section for updates and news, hopefully meaning this thing could actually go to market, and we can have our snacks follow us around.

Is this really the future of on-the-go snacking? Probably not, but we can dream about a day where we go Pokemon GO hunting without having to worry about where to put my burrito as I catch a Pikachu.

Fast Food News

Domino’s Wants To Make Drone-Delivered Pizzas A Reality Soon

That pie in the sky might actually become a reality soon, if Domino’s has its way.  The pizza company’s New Zealand locations just announced a partnership with a drone delivery service called Flirtey and are dead serious about making drone pizza delivery a real thing, according to Mashable.

The only problem is that “the man” is still keeping them down, as New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority has not approved of their service, yet.

Still, Domino’s is hopefull that they’ll be transporting their pizza through flight, as soon as this year.

This isn’t the first time Domino’s has flirted with drone delivery, as in 2013, they tested out the concept in the UK, attaching the pizza to what they called a “Domicopter” and watched the pie float away.

Whether this actually happens or not, we can only dream of a world where pizza is flown to us in a timely manner. Until then, be kind to your delivery boy and at least tip the poor kid.


Coming Soon: In-Office Coffee Delivery Drones

A Lab, an Amsterdam collective of media and technology start-ups, announced that they are working on a drone that delivers coffee.

You will place your order through a simplistic smartphone app which sends a signal to a coffee shop, presumably in your office building. The baristas set your drink in the drone and a stabilizer keeps your drink level as it floats to the docking station closest to you.

The drone uses both object and movement recognition to avoid bumping into walls or employees. A 3-D algorithm maps out the entire building, so the drone knows where docks are around the building.

The tech firm Purrontwerp & Skeyework is currently searching for investors to help them finalize the design and bring the drone to commercial market.

The Coffee Copter is currently being beta-tested in the A Lab complex and no one’s missing any limbs…yet.


Here Is Why You Should Make Out in TGI Friday’s This Christmas


Last month, we reported that a TGI Friday’s in the UK had a flying drone that hovered over customers with a piece of mistletoe. If the couple gets picked, they have to kiss in front of the entire restaurant.

Looks like the Friday-lovin’ restaurant chain is bringing this tradition to the US. Appearing in select restaurant locations throughout the country, TGI Friday’s will start piloting drones for the Christmas season.

Like their UK counterparts, the drones will hover over couples and put them on blast for all the restaurant’s patrons. Interestingly, whether they kiss or not is up to them. However, TGI Friday’s is rewarding those willing to publicly display their affection with a special gift card.

Not quite sure yet on TGI Friday’s system for determining who qualifies as a couple. Either the pilot will just pick two people at random or spend a decent amount of time watching people eat before sending the drone flying toward them.


TGI Friday’s Has a Drone with Mistletoe Attached, Promotes Awkward Kissing


Drones are everywhere these days. If they’re not used for work, or creativity, it’s definitely for shenanigans. Such is the case with TGI Friday’s. The restaurant chain is capitalizing on the drone craze, at least in the United Kingdom, by using the devices to interact with customers dining in.

In an effort to promote holiday togetherness, a Manchester TGI Friday’s is taking part in a Christmas-inspired project. A low-hanging piece of mistletoe will be attached to the drone and flown across the restaurant. It will hover over diners, putting them on blast and awkwardly suggesting a kiss. All of which will be recorded on a kiss cam.

We imagine whoever is piloting the drones will have loads of fun with this.

H/T Consumerist


Togo’s Promises Delivery Drones by 2024, That’s a Full Decade of Not Caring


We should all sue science fiction writers for emotional damages. For promising us food pills and video phones, flying cars and space colonies. Remember that Disney Channel space movie from the ’90s? Yeah, she wasn’t called Zenon, girl of the 24th-and-a-half century. She was Zenon, girl of the 21st century (as in, today — or at least within the next 50 years). And now sandwich chain Togo’s wants to go and promise flying sandwich delivery drones by the year 2024? Nice try, buddies. We’ll believe it when we see it.

Yesterday, the above image was posted to the Togo’s Facebook and Twitter, along with the following quote by Togo’s VP of Branding and Marketing, Renae Scott:

“Togo’s is ready to take this drone thing to the next level.”

This, of course, is after all the news we’ve seen these past couple of years about taco copters and sushi copters, which are already a reality.

Currently such technology is limited from widespread use, at least in the United States, due to Federal Aviation Administration restrictions banning unmanned commercial aerial vehicles, which are in effect until 2015.

Still, according to Scott, “Our drones will get Togo’s raving fans their favorite Pastrami Sandwich on the fly. Because when you’re craving Togo’s Hot Pastrami, you shouldn’t have to wait.” Except for, you know, the 10 years it’ll take them to implement the damn things, but who’s counting.

(Side note: if this drone isn’t called the To-Go copter, they’re doing it wrong.)