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Take Dessert Seriously With This Funnel Cake Sesame Ice Cream Cone Topped With Kit Kats

If you’re one to plan your Saturday around devouring tons of savory items at a food festival, you’ll want to know where you can find some sweet offerings to refresh your palette every so often. Don’t worry we got you.

Created by Drizzle, an Orange County-based dessert truck, this massive Sweet Sesame Cone can only be found in one place, on one day, for foodies looking to chase rare and exclusive desserts.

The Drizzle truck will debut the item at FOODBEAST’s AYCE Asian food Festival NOODS NOODS NOODS presented by Original Cup Noodles. Mark your calendars because the food festival will take place Saturday, Jan. 27 in Santa Ana, CA.

Guests of the event will get to indulge in a funnel cake cone that’s filled with sesame ice cream and stacked with coconut jelly and whipped cream. If that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, the dessert is finished with Matcha-flavored Kit Kats, sprinkles, matcha powder, and condensed milk.

If you’re interested in sinking your teeth into this sweet sesame ice cream cone, or trying tons of other Asian-inspired dishes, you can purchase tickets to NOODS NOODS NOODS here. Ticket options include Marketplace (buy as you go) or VIP (all you can consume for three hours).

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You’re Going To Melt Over This Funnel Cake Ice Cream Cone

Photo: Peter Pham

The only time we’ve been able to enjoy funnel cake is whenever the fair came to town. Unfortunately, this means we only get our funnel cake fix twice a year at best. Turns out a funnel cake-frying ice cream parlor on wheels is squashing our restlessness. Feast your eyes on the Funnel Cake Ice Cream Cone.

Drizzle is the ice cream man for a new generation of dessert lovers keen on vibrant and fantastic dessert fusions. Looking good for Instagram doesn’t hurt, either.

So what’s in this insane funnel cake ice cream cone?

The deep-fried cakes are dusted with powdered sugar and shaped into a cone. Once it cools a bit, the cones are stuffed to the brim with ice cream, fresh fruit, and a variety of other sweet toppings. Finally, each cone is topped off with whipped cream and either a drizzle of chocolate or sweetened condensed milk.

While you can customize your own, Drizzle’s Funnel Cake Ice Cream Cone does come in a few popular base flavors including Funfetti, Crazy for Coco, and Matcha Madness. Drizzle also pairs their desserts with hand-crafted drinks like Strawberry Lemonade, Drizzle Coffee, and a Thai Tea Float.

Photo: Peter Pham

While relatively new, expect to see this up and comer of a truck make waves through the Orange County dessert scene in the months to come.

As with every other ice cream dish whose popularity spreads like wildfire, make sure to get your social media pics taken quickly. No one likes eating soggy funnel cake and melted ice cream.