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Uber Buys Alcohol E-Commerce Giant Drizly For $1.1 Billion

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Uber has already established itself as a delivery and transport titan with its ridesharing and UberEats apps. It’s now going big in the alcohol space, as a new partnership poises it to become the largest alcohol delivery service in the country.

The tech behemoth just bought Drizly, an e-commerce drinks platform once known as the “Amazon of Alcohol,” for $1.1 billion. According to a press release, this deal will include the integration of Drizly onto the UberEats app, although Drizly’s independent app will also remain operational.

Uber will also begin to introduce perks and deals through Drizly once their purchase officially closes, which is expected to happen by the middle of 2021.

By acquiring Drizly, Uber is shaping itself as one of the kingpins in the food delivery oligarchy. They also own Postmates, meaning that DoorDash, Grubhub, and other delivery players are facing massive competition that just got a whole lot bigger.

It’s also unclear what this will mean for delivery drivers on both platforms. Uber did increase fees on its customers now that California has Prop 22 enacted, so we’ll have to see see if Drizly’s acquisition will result in a similar change for the alcohol app.

Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss

Apparently Lil Dicky And Kanye Casually Eat Denny’s After Playing Basketball

Real “Dickheads” know that Lil Dicky can mop the floor with people on the basketball court, often bringing up his “several rec league MVPs.” Well, apparently he also plays pickup ball with none other than Kanye West, leading them to a random Denny’s meal.

In an interview with Foodbeast, Young Dick revealed that he’s been playing pickup basketball with West about three times a week, and as friends often do after playing ball, the two made their way to Denny’s for a postgame meal.

“I think we both got the All American Slam, and he got extra cheese on his eggs,” Lil Dicky said. “It was awesome. I’m a huge Kanye fan, and a huge Denny’s fan.”

Prep yourself for the dang weekend with a hearty spread like @amku2500

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While Lil Dicky said he didn’t want to go overboard on his meal, he mentioned that Kanye went balls out and ordered a strawberry milkshake with his breakfast plate.

“I don’t like mixing business with pleasure like that,” Lil Dicky said about skipping the milkshake himself. “I was just trying to get the protein in.”

It might sound like a weird combination to have Lil Dicky and Kanye West just casually playing basketball and strolling to a Denny’s, but you might remember that Ninja of Die Antwoord once had an awkward basketball and banana pudding filled day with Kanye. Well, the basketball and banana pudding wasn’t awkward until Kanye started playing anal porn on the TV. Ninja also detailed that they were playing against Drake that day, as well.

It’s safe to say that Kanye loves playing basketball with other rappers, and if that’s the case, Lil Dicky and his love of basketball make him a perfect running mate.

As far as Kanye’s skills on the court, Dicky playfully said, “He’s good, but I’m just a little bit better.”

Never forget

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Lil Dicky has been busy of late, releasing music videos for his “Professional Rapper” album, performing his energetic hip hop hits at music festivals, and trying his best to stop people from dabbing.

His latest endeavor into the food and drink world has him teaming up with Drizly and Mike’s Hard Lemonade, as they plan to throw a house party for fans with Lil Dicky himself hosting.

The “Save Dat Money” rapper has been keeping busy to say the least, but one can never be too busy to ball up with Kanye or indulge in some classic Denny’s meals.


‘Drizly’ Is Grubhub for Alcohol, MillerCoors Approves

Drizly, a mobile app that allows beer, wine and liquor to be delivered to businesses and residences, have opened up their platform to be tinkered with. Several notable companies have already signed on to help revolutionize alcohol e-commerce.

Basically, it just got easier to be an alcoholic.

As we enter the most football-drenched portion of winter, MillerCoors, the second largest brewery in America, is ready to use Drizly to quench fans’ thirst. MillerLite will be allowing viewers in New York City, Seattle, Washington, D.C., and Boston to have 12- or 24-packs of fee-less beer delivered to them within the hour. The promotion ends after the Super Bowl or when the 20,000th delivery is made.

The whiskey-discovery app, Distiller, aims to become a full-service platform by adding Drizly’s delivery service. Available on Android and iOS, Distiller recommends and tracks the different whiskeys you try. Now select markets can have their preferences sent to them that day.

While Drizly sounds similar to monthly wine delivery services, those bottles are shipped via postal services. Drizly allows you to restock on alcohol in an hour or less without having to deal with the dangerous possibility of driving.

The catch is you can only use Drizly if you live or work in (the noticeably nicer areas of) these major cities, putting it in a curiously elite beta period, albeit the largest reach for an alcohol delivery app. Opening up their app to others, however, is definitely the first step in this delivery system becoming a legitimate national force on par with food apps like GrubHub.

Other companies scrambling to get in on the ground floor include social platforms Foursquare, Swarm and Inmoji.

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