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Canadian Bros Drive 500 Miles To Try McDonald’s Pizza

In similar fashion to a particular episode of How I Met Your Mother, three bros decided to embark on a legendary road trip to get some pizza from McDonald’s.

If you’re confused, McDonald’s tried selling pizza back in the early 1990s, but complications arose due to the pizzas slowing down drive-thru wait times and some fierce campaigning against the pies by Pizza Hut. The pizzas were eventually taken out of McDonald’s locations nationwide, but that didn’t stop two locations from continuing to sell a pizza pretty close to the original recipe. You can still find those pizzas in Pomeroy, Ohio and Spencer, West Virginia.

After reading an article on about where the pizzas were still available, the guys at YouTube channel Completely Irrelephant came to the conclusion that they absolutely had to try a slice of McDonald’s pizza, and made plans to drive from London, Ontario to Spencer, West Virginia to do so. The total distance for the road trip was about 800 kilometers, or just under 500 miles.

While the actual road trip was pretty smooth, the bros did forget to see if the location they plugged into their GPS actually had the pizza, since the article was a couple of years old and there was no telling if the pizzas were still being served there.

Thankfully, the location was still selling them, much to the joy of the squad.

“Oh my God, there’s f*cking pizza!!!”

It seems that they enjoyed the pies after scarfing them down in a matter of minutes and getting back on the road.

This was definitely an iconic road trip and is making me consider trying my own for the pizza.

Who’s down?

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New Driving App Gives Users Free Coffee If Phones Go Untouched

More people glance at their cell phones while driving than they’d like to admit. As quick as a simple look would take, a split-second of losing focus could mean life or death on the road.

Toyota’s concern for this dilemma was clear when they recently collaborated with a mobile phone company to release a new app in Japan that gives drivers an incentive to keep from glancing at their phones, reports RocketNews 24.

Called the Driving Barista, the app tracks how long your phone remains facedown as you drive. If a consecutive 100 kilometers (62 miles) are reached, you earn yourself a free coffee from Japanese coffee chain Komeda Coffee. You get more coffee as more miles accumulate.

Using the phone’s GPS and internal gyroscope, drivers will find it difficult to cheat themselves to a free cup of joe. Just keep your eyes on the road and you’ll get your caffeine fix.

This isn’t the first time a brand has incorporated smart technology to keep consumers from looking at their phones when they’re not supposed to.

Hopefully, the Driving Barista sees some success in Japan. We sure could use something similar in the US. Though it’s alarming to think that we need an incentive to detach ourselves from our phones.


Driving Under The Influence Of Burritos May Soon Be Illegal In New Jersey

New Jersey is taking a stand on the issue of distracted driving, but if a bill cracking down on distracted driving is passed, NJ drivers are subject to a hefty fine if they’re caught participating in any behavior that could be considered distracting, including eating behind the wheel. Yes, you can now be pulled over for eating your favorite burrito while driving.


“An operator of a moving motor vehicle shall not engage in any activity unrelated to the actual operation of a motor vehicle in a manner that interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle on a public road or highway.” – NJ Legislature

The key phrase here is “any activity unrelated to the actual operation of a motor vehicle,” which is extremely broad and open to interpretation from the start. Many of us have proudly mastered every day tasks like eating a burrito, or drinking hot coffee while driving. Although it’s no secret that often times that hot coffee ends up on your lap which could prove to be a painful distraction. 

Rosenblum Law Firm cites that eating and drinking are two of the top five causes of distracted driving accidents.

The first offense of eating , or any other type of behavior deemed as distracting while driving will cost you somewhere within the range of $200-$400, likely depending on the degree of distraction that takes place. So hopefully you’re not a messy eater on wheels like I am.

Second offense will cost you between $400- $600, and the 3rd between $600-$800 as well as the possibility of a suspended license.

Long commutes to work and road trips tend to be common times that the American people eat and drink while driving, so just be sure to stop for your Whopperrito outside of NJ state lines.

What’s next I ask you? Well there’s this…



Source: msn, Photo Credit: mysticboii


The Terrifying Tale Of Danny, The Guy Who Ate Spaghetti While Driving


Yes, we’ve heard all the cautionary tales that come with eating and driving. There’s something about crushing a beautiful sandwich during a long commute that’s just so perfect. Unfortunately, it’s also incredibly dangerous.

Danny, AKA @tidy316, posted a photo on his Twitter page that serves as a hilarious and horrifying cautionary tale for those who enjoy eating and driving.

We see a totaled car sitting on the side of the road in one photo. In the next, we see the roof is splattered with a dark red spaghetti sauce as well as noodles.

It’s almost exactly the cereal situation in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Wonder who ending up having to pay? Still, it definitely makes us second guess our next stop through the drive-thru.


For His 10th Drunk Driving Charge, This Man Used Beer-Battered Fish As An Excuse


Back in October 2014, a man in Wisconsin was pulled over for a DUI. He then gave the officer a pretty fishy excuse: it was the beer-battered fish that did him in.

Obviously no jury bought that.

John Przybyla had a blood alcohol level of .062. While this was below the state’s limit, it was over the limit for those with three or more drunk driving convictions. This was Przybyla’s 10th drunk driving charge.

When pulled over, he told the officer that he was drunk off a beer-battered fish he had eaten before he was stopped.

According to WILX, the 76-year-old Przybyla was now found guilty of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration and operating with a revoked license.

Przybyla is facing up to 12.5 years in prison.


Women Charged With DUI After Getting High On 13 Cans Of Whipped Cream


A 28-year-old woman was charged with a driving under the influence after she crashed into a residential mailbox in Tennessee. Also, she was high on whipped cream.

Anna Thomas used the aerosol from multiple whipped cream cans to get herself high, reports WKRN. Under the influence, Thomas crashed into a mailbox belonging to a resident of Battle Avenue. After running out to see what had happened, the man called the authorities who arrived on the scene.

Officers discovered a disoriented Thomas along with 13 nearly-empty cans of whipped cream in the vehicle. Thomas was also charged with failing to report a crash before this incident, where she had also ran her car into a ditch.

Thomas is due in court on June 4. According to WKRN, this makes her 6th DUI.

Photo: WKRN


UBER Testing Breathalyzer Station That Gives Drunks Free Rides Home


Uber has plans to test remote kiosks at select cities they’re calling Uber Safe. The kiosk work as a breathalyzer machine that inebriated folks can blow into. All they do is grab a disposable straw, place it into the slot and blow for six seconds while the Uber machine determines the person’s blood alcohol level.

If high enough, the kiosk will then place a call to the nearest Uber driver and have the car pick them up. In what’s a pretty generous step in the battle against drunk driving, Uber apparently won’t charge folks for this service.

Does that mean we can get as drunk as we want and not pay? Sold.

Uber Safe is currently testing a prototype in Toronto and has plans to move to other select cities, if successful. Until then, the over-boozed will just have to fumble on their mobile devices for rides.


Man Ticketed for Driving Under the Influence of Burger


Last week, it was reported that an Alabama man was ticketed for eating McDonald’s while driving. Madison Turner was pulled over after being spotted eating a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese by a police officer.

Apparently, the officer had been watching Turner go to town on the burger for about two miles before pulling him over.

The law reads: A driver shall exercise due care in operating a motor vehicle on the highways of this state and shall not engage in any actions which shall distract such driver from the safe operation of such vehicle.

This raises the question of whether or not you can get ticketed for driving while eating. According to the officer, Madison was clearly distracted from his duties on the road when chowing on the burger.

Madison had this to say about the whole burger situation:

Maybe I was enjoying the burger too much [and] I needed to tone it down. I was certainly willing to do so but I didn’t expect to be fined or punished.

As of now, there are no explicit laws saying it’s illegal to eat and drive. That being said, there are a ton of distracted driving laws. This means that any action performed in a vehicle, whether texting, applying makeup, or eating can cause you to be pulled over if deemed a big enough distraction from following driving laws.

Pretty much, if you make a big enough show of doing something other than driving you can get a ticket.

The case is currently ongoing. A Cobb County police spokesperson declined to comment on the matter.

Next time you order a sloppy Animal Style Double Double, just pull over and enjoy it.