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Domino’s Pizza Driver Saves Woman From Kidnapping Situation

A vigilant pizza delivery driver stepped into the role of a hero this week after he helped save a woman from an intense kidnapping situation.

According to Q13 FOX, Domino’s driver Joey Grundl noticed a woman standing behind 55-year-old Dean Hoffmann mouthing the words “help me” after he came to deliver a pizza. Grundl noted that a black eye was noticeably visible and that she had also mouthed for him to “call the police.”

According to investigators, Hoffmann, an-ex boyfriend of the woman, had entered the her home without permission and allegedly wrestled the phone out of her hands as she attempted to call the police. The two fought, leading to the victim’s black eye and a bloody nose before she was tied up with a vacuum’s power cord.

While Hoffmann eventually untied the victim, she told the police that he would not let her leave the house and even went as far as texting the woman’s children telling them to avoid visit for a few days because their mother was sick. She states that at one point he mentioned getting his gun from the car and shooting the both of them.

She got her shot at freedom when one of them decided to order some Domino’s.

After Grundl dropped off the pizza, and noticed the woman mouthing that she needed help, the driver left and alerted the authorities.

When the cops arrived, Hoffmann was arrested without incident. He is being charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, strangulation and suffocation, felony intimidation of a victim, and burglary of a building.

As for Grundl, he hasn’t had any contact with the woman since the incident, but says that her son personally stopped into his Domino’s to thank him for his heroic act.

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This Drunk Driver Seemingly Hits Every Single Car In The Lot [WATCH]

Driving drunk is bad enough as it is. Driving drunk in the middle of the day while on the phone? Now that’s just a classic case of buffoonery.

One Russian woman decided to go for a little joyride after her normal daytime vodka binge. This big bag of idiot hopped into the driver’s seat after getting shithoused (see Jenner, Caitlyn), then decided it would be a good time to talk to her homie about the latest trends in cats or some other ridiculously unimportant discussion that drunk dialers consider vital information.

Throughout all of the slow-moving mayhem, other bar patrons began slowly filtering outside, either to watch the mild chaos unfold or to survey the damage this sloppy shitspitting spoonful of suckass was dishing out to unsuspecting vehicles.

Thankfully, nobody was injured during this ordeal, except the wallets of the owners of all those cares. Hopefully this woman is found, captured, then tortured by forcing her to watch hundreds of hours of Meet the Kardashians. A boy can dream, right?



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Domino’s Delivery Guy Stabs Customer For Dumbest Reason Ever


Sometimes, orders get backed up and your pizza may not arrive at the expected time. Understandable, but it still sucks. One particular order resulted in a customer getting stabbed by the delivery driver, NBC Los Angeles reports.

A Domino’s driver in Covina, CA, was arguing with a customer over an order that was about 90 minutes late. This led to the driver stabbing the customer before leading back to the Domino’s store he worked at.

The police arrived and arrested the driver.

While not life-threatening, the victim suffered from serious lacerations to his neck, hands and wrists.

A spokesperson for Domino’s said they had no idea about what happen at one of their franchised stores. However, they hope that the victim is alright.

The Domino’s delivery guy was charged with suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.


Half-Naked Ice Cream Man Arrested For Screaming At Kids, He Was High


The children of Clarence, NY, were met with a chilling surprise when they tried to buy ice cream from a truck last Friday. Parents started calling in complaints when they discovered that their children were getting screamed at by the local ice cream man, reports WIVB. He was also in nothing but his underwear.

That’s gotta be a health violation.

Ryan Duff, 24, was arrested by Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies on Friday. After an investigation, they discovered that the ice cream man was high on drugs. According to officers, Duff had refused to cooperate with testing and they had to bring in a drug recognition expert.

Duff was charged with DWI-drugs and is scheudled back in court Aug. 25. Pretty sure that ice cream gig is long gone.



You Will Not Believe this Fast Food Employee’s Voice is Not a Recording


I’ve been through the drive-thru many times in my life and there are days I still can’t tell if I’m talking to the actual person for a machine. The first few seconds when you pull up to that order box can be the most awkward, especially when you mistakenly talk to the machine and the actual cashier starts speaking afterwards. It’s definitely happened to me more times than I’d care to admit.

Check out this McDonald’s employee completely take the idea to a whole new level with a voice that sounds just like the drive-thru machine. I’m sure he’s confused a ton of customers throughout his career. This guy definitely has a bright future ahead of him in voice acting.

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