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New Starbucks Ditches Tables & Chairs For Compact Makeover

Starbucks will be opening a slew of stores around the country that are strictly drive-thru and walk-up only, in an eco-friendly experiment.

For these new stores, the traditional sit-down area will be completely out of the picture.

The first store has already opened in Denver, Co. and while Starbucks said that every one of the new stores will have a different look, the Denver one is a compact 500 square feet, made with local materials, certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and has just enough space to fit three to five people plus work equipment.

Starbucks has been making big moves all year including a food makeover, a juice bar with no spell-check and a caffeine jolt in the Magic Kingdom.

The new Denver store was constructed with wood from old Wyoming snow fencing and is designed to let light through the walk-up window, giving it a “lantern effect” in the morning.

One of the crazier things about this building is that it was constructed in a factory and delivered by a truck!

It’s pretty fancy looking, but the ordering concept is also recycled from several old-school restaurants including, most notably, In-N-Out.

Starbucks has been riding the “going green” train for a while, though. Its Starbucks Shared Planet plan has pushed out LEED certified stores, meaning they’re making an environmentally friendly attempt, and among other things, have stated that it grows its coffee responsibly and ethically.

The idea for these new stores sparked in 2008 and have finally been unleashed.

Starbucks plans to replace several of its current stores with these newly designed ones.

Is this the future, or will people prefer their soft jazz, dim lights and Wi-Fi filled restaurants?

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No Special Treatment for Drunken ‘Level 14 Government Officials’ At McDonald’s Drive-Thrus

There are plenty of (not-so) secret tricks you can pull at most fast food chains to get a little something extra, but turns out claiming to be a “Level 14 Government Official” isn’t one of them.

Late Sunday night, a 27-year-old, clearly intoxicated woman walked up to a McDonald’s drive-thru in Greenfield, Wis., and requested—nay, demanded—they satisfy her drunken munchies, on the merit that she was a “Level 14 Government Official”—shh!

Real General Scale (GS) pay level federal employees can make approximately $84,000 to $110,000 annually, leading CBS Chicago to wonder why exactly someone of her pay grade would be walking around a McDonald’s drive-thru without a car. Here’s a thought: maybe she was just being a responsible citizen by not drinking and driving. No problems here officer, just doing my civic duty.

Unsurprisingly, McDonald’s employees didn’t buy it and called the police, after refusing to take her order because she wasn’t in a vehicle, which might be a little too bad.

Here’s hoping there’s no news these next few weeks about freak toxic spills in Greenfield, or else a few late night McDonald’s employees might have just dun goof’d.

[Via The Consumerist]


Rapping is Out, Watch This Amazing Singer Belt His Drive-Thru Order Like a Boss

I’m writing this article through giddy smiles and endless repeats of musician Giorgio Fareira‘s amazing singing order at a Sonic drive-thru. We’ve seen our fair share of ‘rappers’ rhythmically recite their orders in fast food drive-thrus over the years. We’ve even seen big name brands like Taco Bell adopt the viral videos and launch their own 30-second TV shots mimicking the process.

The time has come for a much more charming effort, an extremely friendly and passionate order recital. The lady taking his order, while keeping herself more or less tactful throughout, couldn’t hide the giddiness in her voice by the end of the transaction. Enjoy:


Funny or Die: Drive-Thru [VIDEO]

Funny or Die showcases a pretty funny take on the Ryan Gosling movie “Drive.” This “trailer” is more or less a shot for shot reinterpretation of the movie with a delicious twist. I recommending re-watching the original trailer first in order to better appreciate this —

Humor Video

Fast Food Drive Thru Fun [VIDEO]

In this particular video, our protagonist (arguably an antagonist) commits some rather awkward faux pas on several passes through a fast food drive thru. This video definitely gets my mind churnin’, giving me one-too-many immature drive thru ideas. Enjoy:


Cherry On Top Drive-Through

How fast paced has California become? Buena Park-based Cherry on Top plans to open a drive through yogurt shop at the end of the month near Culver City in Los Angeles! This expansion will be the first drive-through store of its kind and a first for any leading frozen yogurt company. Company founder David Kim said that “This will give guests the opportunity to come in the store for a self-serve experience, or got through the drive-through for a quick fix.”  Sounds like an interesting idea David, but I don’t know how you will give a self-serve experience through a drive-through window!


Jack in the Box: Free Funnel Cake Coupon

Jack in the Box is now offering Funnel Cakes at their fine establishments. But in even bigger news, you can get one for free with the purchase of the Really Big Chicken Sandwich Combo. If you haven’t tried the Really Big Chicken Sandwich then you are definitely missing out because it’s awesome! So go get yourself some chicken and some sugar and live happy. Print this coupon out for your free cake.



When you think about fast food, your first thought is of you cruisin’ through the nearest drive-thru to pick up your favorite greasy cheeseburger. Well, you would probably think differently if you had a Candwich with you. Open up the top of the Candwich and you have a sandwich that is ready-to-eat. It comes in three different varieties: PB&J with both grape and strawberry jam and BBQ chicken. (Thx IncredibleThings)