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McDonald’s Fresh Burgers Are Increasing Wait Times Dramatically

Arguably the most important thing about fast food, is that it be fast. But that could now be adversely affected by the use of fresh patties.

While the pressure to make fast food as fresh as possible continues, there is one major drawback, as Reuters reports that McDonald’s new fresh Quarter Pounders have increased cooking times by at least 1 minute.

Keep in mind the average wait time for McDonald’s was already close to 4 minutes in 2016, so those in a rush might already be anxious in the drive-thru.

Granted, the fresh, unfrozen beef is still being tested before its anticipated nationwide 2018 release, so they could still work out the speed kinks, but there’s no doubt that there will be increased wait times as the fresh beef cooks.

A McDonald’s consultant told Reuters that if people feel they are waiting too long for their burgers, they will probably start going somewhere else.

It seems like McDonald’s can’t win. They try to appease those who want better quality food, but then alienate those who just want their food quickly.

On the plus side, their Quarter Pounder sales have increased by 20-50 percent in areas with the new fresh patty, so at least people are buying into the new, fresh product.

It’ll be interesting if customers choose quality over speed, but until then, good luck figuring out this one, McD.

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Guy Flies Drone Through KFC’s Drive-Thru To Order And It Actually Worked [WATCH]

Drones are known to be great for photography and even delivery, but now they can also be great for hitting up the drive-thru.

Ollie Mason-Clarke of Auckland, New Zealand had a nice lunch at the park, but his food delivery method wasn’t like any you’ve seen before, as he used a drone to to make his way to a KFC drive-thru, put in the order and, and have the food airmailed back to him.

“I’m a bit of a KFC fan (obviously haha),” Mason-Clarke, AKA The King of Cheat Meals said. “Basically sitting in a drive-thru one day I was like, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if someone flew a drone through a drive-thru?'”

With a love for fried chicken and a dream of having a drone bring it to him, Ollie teamed up with Visualise Media, attached a nice letter on the drone, and shot his shot.

Once the drone reached the New Zealand KFC, the workers were a little confused, but took the note, had a good laugh, and followed through.

The order on the card was for two of KFC’s Snack Boxes, and instructions to clip the food back onto the drone.

An employee attached the food to the drone, and it was on its way to Ollie and Sarah Collier, AKA The Queen of Cheat Meals, for their glorious drone-delivered lunch.

“We did talk to the employees afterwards, and they were having a good laugh about it,” Mason-Clarke said. “It was definitely a first for them.”

This is something I think we can all get behind, as it pretty much eliminates all human interaction to get your food. Also, if you leave the window open in your room, you technically wouldn’t even have to get out of bed to get your food. This is truly what drones were meant for.

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Guy Pranks Drive-Thru Employees By Driving Up As Elmo [WATCH]

Imagine you’re working the drive-thru at night. You get yet another order in the monotonous work day you’ve had so far, and wait for the car to roll up to pay for their meal.

Now imagine that when you open the window, Elmo from Sesame Street is sitting there driving the car.

A few fast food employees were treated to that shocking experience when YouTube channel Magic of Rahat rolled up with his order. The magical prankster made this possible through a hidden seat contraption he’s built, which allows Rahat to utilize the car pedals while remaining out of sight. He’s already pranked fast food staffers in the past by driving up as a skeleton, a robot, and even as a scary doll.

This time, Rahat drove up as the iconic Muppet, and even utilized a pretty spot-on imitation of Elmo’s voice to make employees believe it was really Elmo. After the initial freak-out moments, most of the employees played along, resulting in some hilarious antics from workers and Rahat alike.

Check out the video for yourself, and try not to laugh too hard watching Elmo’s world collide with the world of these drive-thru employees.

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Curbside Pickup Means We Can Say Goodbye To Long McDonald’s Drive-Thru Lines


The enduring appeal with fast food restaurants like McDonald’s is their drive-thru’s ease and convenience. But these days, anytime I roll up to one to grab a bite to eat, I have to endure a long line of cars to just order and get my meal. I don’t want to get out of my car so that I can just roll up and keep moving, but I don’t want to wait in the long line either.

To address this common scenario for many, the fast food giant has just announced some major changes to their business model.

In their annual investor meeting yesterday, McDonald’s unveiled their new “Global Growth Plan,” which featured some key new technological changes to their current restaurants, one of the biggest being mobile order and pay. The most exciting of these changes that comes with this new ordering method? CURBSIDE PICK-UP.

Instead of waiting in the drive-thru to place my order and pick it up, I can instead use the McDonald’s app to order and pay for my food and pick it up curbside once I get to the restaurant. Talk about extreme convenience.

Other new technological changes coming to the fast food chain include the addition of kiosks that can recognize a McDonald’s app profile and order and pay for your food. Someone will then bring the food out to you, meaning that you can now skip the front counter line when you walk into a McDonald’s.

Mobile order and pay is scheduled to roll out in 20,000 restaurants worldwide by the end of 2017, with curbside pickup supposedly being available for a part of that process.

All of these changes aim at speeding up the process for McDonald’s customers and keeping them coming in for fast service, which is something that should help them recover the 500 million customer transactions that CNBC says the company has lost since 2012.

I’m just happy I don’t have to wait in those God-awful long lines anymore.

Hit-Or-Miss Humor Video

Guy Drives Thru And Orders In-N-Out During High-Speed Chase [WATCH]

Most high-speed chases are pretty predictable: the assailant drives around for a few hours, takes main streets, or freeways and eventually gives up. However, this dude in Phoenix, Arizona was on a whole new level.

Joshua Adkins was being chased by police and in the middle of the pursuit, casually rolled up to an In-N-Out drive thru, stopped, and appeared to place an order.

The Fox 10 News team that was following the chase said that Adkins never actually picked up his order and just drove off empty handed.

Maybe he thought he’d lose the cops by going in to the drive thru, or maybe he didn’t like the cheery mood of the In-N-Out staff. Whatever it was, Adkins took off without any Double-Doubles or fries.

Anyway, he eventually jumped out of his car, tried to run through some back yards, and was eventually tracked down by police. Adkins was booked on suspicion of unlawful flight from law enforcement, aggravated assault-domestic violence, and unlawful imprisonment.

If Adkins ends up doing any hard time in prison, he’s going to regret not getting that burger.

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This Shady McDonald’s Hack Lets You Get A Free Meal At The Drive-Thru [WATCH]

We’d never encourage you to be a dishonest person, but if you’re already one and are interested in continuing your life of deceit, this video will fill your criminal heart with joy.

The HandleBandle YouTube account posted a pretty shady McDonald’s hack that can get you free food at the drive-thru, but it may eat away at your conscience.

The guy in the video explains that requesting a cup of water, which is free at McDonald’s, let’s you bypass the first window paying routine, and by the time you get to the second window, the worker is under the impression that the bag of food in his hand, is yours.

You’d think the person in the second window would still be aware that someone asked for a cup of water, but at least in the video, the customer grabbed someone else’s food and drove off with two Big Macs and a large drink.

The video caption says it “works every time,” but that’s a little suspect.

Someone commented on the video saying, “I work at McDonalds and honestly this shouldn’t happen. It was the fault of the guy taking the order because it seems like he didn’t even enter in to the machine that he had an ice water, so they just trusted the customer to tell them they didn’t order food. lol.”

That sounds like it might be true.

Either way, it’s good to note that the rest of the videos on the channel are weird alien and sasquatch found footage type of videos, so there’s room to believe that this drive-thru hack was staged for, like, a college project. But it’s also good to note that when I told some of my coworkers about the video, they looked at me, like, “Yeah, dude. That’s an old trick.”

Try it if you must, but if the person behind you ordered a McChicken, you already know what’s up.

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Here’s Where To Find The Only Poke Restaurant With A Drive-Thru

While the poke craze has been growing exponentially as of late, we just can’t help but grab some at least once a week. The problem is at the end of the day, we just don’t want to get out the car just to pick up food on the way home.

The solution: Drive-thru poke.


Fins Poke Fusion, prominent in Mission Viejo, CA, just opened a new location in downtown Fullerton, CA. What sets the fast-casual restaurant apart from the original location, and other poke spots for that matter, is that they offer… A DRIVE THRU.

Before Fins settled in the current space, a taqueria with a drive-thru window built in was the previous occupant. Fins’ owners saw this as an asset and decided to keep the convenient feature for their new restaurant.


We spoke to Moby Duncan, one of the three owners of Fins, who said that he knows customers only have a set amount of time to place their orders and get back to work or be on their way home. Because he stands by the quality of the fish, Duncan decided to turn the drive-thru into something Fins could capitalize on.

“We want to be the In-N-Out of poke,” he said.

While you have to go inside to get the full customizable experience of the restaurant, the drive-thru menu lets patrons order from six predetermined bowls. The bowls are then made to order and ready within 3-5 minutes.

In the world of seafood, the fresher the better.

You can find the drive-thru Fins Poke Fusion at:

513 N. Harbor Blvd

Fullerton, CA 

Tel: 714-519-3014


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This McDonald’s Is Testing A ‘Walk-Thru’ For Drunk Customers Who Can’t Drive


Many times we’ve seen folks go through into the McDonald’s drive-thru line inebriated. Though usually they’re in the backseat screaming their orders into the speaker while their sober friends sit at the drivers seat incredibly annoyed.

At least they didn’t get behind the wheel.

What if you were drunk, craving McDonald’s, but didn’t have an empathic friend to cart you around? McDonald’s in the United Kingdom has a solution for just that.


According to The Sun, a McDonald’s location in Wales dedicates a drive-thru lane specifically for customers to walk up to and order their food without having to drive a car. McDonald’s has renovated most of their stores to feature two parallel drive-thru lanes to increase sales time. So there would still be one lane open for cars while the other is open to foot traffic.

This feature is only open from the hours of 2am through 4am during the weekends, typically when people finish partying and are looking for a bite to eat.

It was an immediate success and the franchise decided to keep it as a permanent feature at that location. They might just have to figure out a way to be careful of drunk people ordering next to moving vehicles so late at night.