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Shake Shack Announces Its First-Ever Drive Thru Location

Shake Shack has long been heralded amongst the top burger chains, often jostling against icons like In-N-Out for the number one spot in the country. Unlike most of its competitors, however, Shake Shack has never had a full drive thru location before.

That’s all going to change in the next couple of years, as the chain has decided to move forward with developing a dedicated drive thru concept. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, this location could have up to three lanes, with one for regular drive thru ordering and the others for mobile pickup orders.

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All of this comes as the coronavirus pandemic has hit Shake Shack hard. In the second quarter of this year, comparable sales were down by almost half, according to MarketWatch.

Shake Shack has also been adding curbside pickup to multiple locations, and is looking into cloud kitchens to deliver its food to more locations.

As for the drive thru location, there’s no clear locale that Shake Shack has chosen, but the goal is to have one open sometime in 2021. Once it does open, getting Shackburgers to your face will get a whole lot easier.

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What Fast Food Restaurants Are Doing In Response To COVID-19

With Coronavirus news changing daily, little by little, our favorite bars, cafes, and mom-and-pop restaurants are all closing down, leaving us with the option of fist-fighting grocery shoppers for a pack of chicken, or taking our chances on a fast food restaurant.

A good amount of the larger quick-service restaurants have the luxury of staying open in this time of crisis, and a lot are taking more precautions than usual.

With the widespread uneasiness, it’s understandable to feel that going anywhere is a risk. Our favorite restaurants know this, and are doing their best to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

We can confirm that restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Chick-Fil-A, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Chipotle, Subway, and Starbucks have all vowed to increase the frequency of cleaning and sanitation.

Each restaurant’s statement is a little different, but they all communicate some form of:

“We are closely monitoring and following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO), to ensure we are doing our part to keep you, our staff, and our communities safe.”

If you have gone to any fast food spot, there’s a good chance the employees are sporting latex gloves for your protection and theirs. Honestly, even that little wrinkle helps put your mind at ease.

Depending on your area, all of these restaurants also deliver to some capacity, with some offering pick-up options while dining rooms closures have become standard protocol. And of course, the drive-thrus are still open, allowing them align with the CDC’s advisement of keeping groups of people to 10 or less.

Chick-Fil-A has a practice of handing out physical menus to customers at the Drive-Thru, but that has been eliminated to keep interactions at a minimum.

KFC, Chipotle, Blaze Pizza, and Del Taco are not only delivering, but as of now, those deliveries are free. Blaze Pizza’s delivery is free through Postmates and Door Dash through March 22.

Del Taco’s delivery is free through Postmates with the code: DelTacoNow.

Chipotle’s free delivery will run until March 31 using their fancy new Delivery Kitchen that includes a tamper-proof seal on your food and the ability to watch your driver’s route.

Now, KFC’s delivery is going above and beyond, being available until April 26. The order minimum is $12 and can be ordered through their site or Grubhub.

While most restaurant statements have mentioned employee safety being a priority, Starbucks really made sure to reiterate that they’re putting their “partners” AKA employees, first. Starbucks said their employees, “…Never have to choose between work and taking care of themselves.” Which aside from limiting social interactions, also means that if partners feel ill, they can take time off, and if that means that they have to relocate healthy employees or even temporary close down a store, that is what they’ll do.

Starbucks has also extended their “Catastrophe Pay” program, which is usually offered to partners during hurricanes and/or flooding. Partners will be given up to 14 days pay if affected by COVID-19. That time is in addition to possible sick pay, vacation pay or PTO that is normally offered.

So there are extreme measures that fast food restaurants are taking, and rightfully so. Any time you step out of your door, there’s risk, but it’s good to see that measures are taken to try and keep consumers and employees safe.

But above all, remember to have compassion toward any and all employees. While some Americans can work from home or have the luxury of taking time off to stay home in these times, restaurant employees are helping keep essential food businesses running.


9 Of The Most Epic Fast Food Pranks Ever Recorded

As the MTV series Jackass rose to fame in the late 90s, it spawned a new generation of mischief that was documented on video. Before the internet was really a thing, teenagers had to entertain themselves — in some cases, that meant pranking adults, and other unsuspecting victims, like fast food employees, at the expense of a cheap laugh.

Some of us might remember one of the first Jackass-produced skate videos, CKY and CKY2K, which were directed by Bam Margera and featured his clan of misfits engaging in everything from jumping into bushes from moving vehicles to dressing as a football player and taking “a handoff” of someone’s food from the drive-thru window.

While most of the pranks were harmless, it’s nice to look back and see how much we’ve grown — even though we still might get a good laugh. So, in celebration of being young, here’s a list of the funniest drive-thru pranks ever captured on film.  

Elmo’s first trip to Taco Bell

Hearing someone imitate any fictional or non fictional character can be a real treat. There’s nothing like a quality impression. What’s even better, however, is when that impression is recorded and you’re in the Taco Bell drive-thru. Thanks for being so polite, Elmo!

That’s some serious shock value

YouTuber Magic of Rahat has some pretty insane pranks on his channel. In this prank, he uses some type of static shocker to trick drive-thru employees to think that they’ve somehow transferred an immense amount of electricity to him, causing him to pass out. The reactions are pretty hilarious.

Taco Bell Folk song order for two

Everyone loves to sing and rap about food. Still, there’s only been a few attempts to rap or freestyle an entire order when you’re actually in the drive-thru. Well the folk singing duo, Rhett & Link, made sure to include a heartfelt jingle about their large order at Taco Bell. The most fascinating part is that the employee taking the order doesn’t miss a beat!  

Spittin’ hot fire at McDonald’s

Shouts out to these kids for breakin it all the way down for this McDonald’s employee who was having a hard time transcribing the actual order from this popular McDonald’s drive-thru freestyle. It’s hard enough to rap, but this group of McDonald’s fans actually were able to rap and keep the beatbox going at three different speeds without messing up once! No mistakes in a drive-thru order? That’s a first for the Golden Arches. 

Drive-thru robot

Although we’re not living in a time where you can actually have a robot go get your fast-food order, at least people are clever enough to dress as one and hit the drive-thru. Well-known YouTuber Magic Of Rahat built a pretty intense robot suit that looks like a robot driving the car. Not sure what’s more impressive, the robot or the idea. 

Do you have any brains?

The Walking Dead television series has prepared us all for the looming zombie apocalypse. In this prank by Ed Bassmaster, the driver dressed up as a zombie and tried to scare the brains out of a few employees. Even though the zombie apocalypse might not be a real thing, it’s safe to say this prank won’t get old any time soon.

There’s more than one way to grab an ice cream cone.

The Internet has a way of making the most random things a thing. First there was planking, then there was dabbing. But do you guys remember coning? This prank involves ordering one or multiple ice cream cones and grabbing them from the top (where the ice cream is). While this doesn’t do much in terms of the driver, who must deal with hands full of ice cream, at least it’s pretty comedic to see the reaction of the unsuspecting employees.

When employees strike back!

Well, this turned south really quickly for these two fools who failed an attempt to pull-off the oldest drive-thru trick in the book. Known as a “fire in the hole,” this prank consists of a large soda being ordered, paid for, and suddenly hurled back at the employee in unceremonious fashion. Well, these guys got what they asked for, as it was a backfire in the hole!

This brings a new meaning to the phrase, “to-go”

It’s not everyday that you have your fast food order stolen — in the drive-thru. Well, the order and run prank is exactly that. One person, the runner, waits outside the car, then as their car pulls up to the window, the runner quickly intercepts the order by sprinting between the car and the window. Careful, you might not see that coming!  

Hit-Or-Miss News

Woman Climbs Drive-Thru Window, Robs McDonald’s In Worst Disguise Ever


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If you’ve ever been to a McDonald’s in the late hours, you’ve probably noticed that it’s usually one dude trying to work not only the front, but the drive-thru as well. Sure, there’s probably someone working in the back, but there isn’t much surveillance during the grave shifts.

Well, the cameras are on surveillance, but that didn’t stop a woman in Howard County, Maryland from climbing through the drive-thru window, filling up a drink, and stealing money from the register on Nov. 5.

Footage shows the woman reaching in through the window, attempting to fill up a drink, but after struggling a bit, decided to just climb all the way in.

Perhaps the funniest thing is how she showed her entire face as she made her way into the restaurant, but attempted to shield herself by pulling her shirt over her head on the way out.

Where the employees were, who knows, but you have to think some poor employee’s in trouble for not catching any of this heist go down.

You can try to call her a stupid criminal, but Howard County PD is still looking for her, so she got away, for now.

h/t cbs Baltimore

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss Video

Woman Jumps Out Of Car, Fights McDonald’s Employee At Drive-Thru Window [WATCH]

Working night shifts is never easy, and it seems like the craziest things happen once the sun goes down. Another example of this comes from a McDonald’s drive-thru, as an unidentified customer straight up hopped out of her car and got froggy with the employee at the window.

The video was taken by a patron in the car behind them via Snapchat, captioning it, “Holy shit there’s a real fight at McDonald’s.”

The fighting female patron looked to get the worst of it, having her head grabbed and slammed against the wall like a professional wrestling spot. She eventually said her piece, got back inside her car and presumably drove away, as the video cut off.

Quite possibly the best thing about this video was that Milky Chance’s “Stolen Dance” was playing in the background. Bet you never thought you’d see a violent fight go down while an emotional acoustic chorus played in the background.

While fights inside fast food restaurants aren’t uncommon, you don’t often see someone so upset that they step out of their car and start swinging in the drive-thru window.

Unfortunately, not much more information is provided in this video, so we don’t really know where it was taken, or if authorities were called, but we’ll keep you posted if any more information becomes available.

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Chipotle Is Testing A Drive-Thru, So No More Standing In Ridiculous Lines

Chipotle is finally testing a drive-thru window in one of its locations, adding convenience to the Mexican-ish fast-casual restaurant that is going through a PR nightmare at the moment.

The drive-thru is going to begin testing at a currently undisclosed Ohio location, according to Food and Wine.

Of course, since Chipotle considers itself above the typical fast-food restaurant concept, it wouldn’t dare call this a drive-thru, but is instead going with “vehicular pickup window.” (Your food gives people the shits, Chipotle. Stop acting like you’re special, and just call it a drive-thru.)

Upon first glance, a Chipotle drive-thru sounds like a godsend, as you wouldn’t have to stand in those lines, and you can order your favorite burrito in the comfort of your own car. On second thought, we’re not sure how the hell a drive-thru would work for a restaurant that requires to build your own food. It just sounds like it’s going to be hell for the employees, unless the drive-thru consists of pre-made burritos.

Of course, since this is the first test run, there aren’t talks about expanding the drive-thru, but if successful, you might see them more often. Let’s not forget that Ohio was where Chipotle has been testing its underwhelming burger concept, that has yet to expand.

Chipotle is obviously interested in jumping into the fast food realm, though it should focus on no longer getting hundreds of people sick.

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8 Hilarious Drive-Thru Pranks Caught On Camera

The hours that a clerk at a fast food drive-thru puts in can get pretty monotonous at times. Serving customer after customer for eight hour shifts can play tricks with your mind. Sometimes, it’s a breath of fresh air when a wacky customer comes to the drive-thru.

In the last few years, the Internet has become lush with drive-thru related pranks. Some were astounding in creativity while others simply focused on the execution. Despite the differences, we still got some pretty good escapades at a variety of fast food joints.

We leapt into the rabbit hole called YouTube and found some of the best fast food drive-thru pranks on the Internet. Check them out!

Person Swap

Dealing with so many customers throughout the day, orders tend to blend together at times. This prank swaps the guy from BigDawsTv with a blonde model, confusing some unsuspecting fast food employees. In the caper, he’ll ask for a large cup or water, or another menu item when he receives his food and when they turn away, the swap occurs.

Little Kid Driver

Would you believe a kid if he told you he had a disease that made him look like a juvenile? That’s what happens in this drive-thru prank where Denis Denisyuk talks an 11-year-old boy into masquerading as an 18-year-old. Some of the cashiers are apprehensive, while others see right through the ruse.


You never forget meeting your first robot. Through the practical application of a fake carseat costume and a robot extension attached to it, the prankster tricks unsuspecting drive-thru employees into believing that a mechanical man has the fast food munchies. As he pulls up to the window, most of the workers run off in fear. As they should when it comes to strange machines.

Escaped Prisoner

What would you do if a guy in handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit drove up to your window and ordered food? In this classic Tom Mabe prank, fast food employees were shocked to find what appeared to be an escaped prisoner visiting their fast food spot. Some went about their business, while others seemed to stall while they alerted the authorities. How would you handle this situation?

The Invisible Customer

Working in fast food can get really spooky late at night. Imagine getting a graveyard shift, and a car rolls ups with no one driving. MagicofRahat created a costume that looks like an empty drivers seat, allowing him to drive up to the windows while maintaining the illusion that no one was there. Needless to say, some employees were pretty shocked.

The Puppy Swap

With all these shitty pranks featured, here’s one that probably made a food server’s day. In another BigDawsTV swap video, the driver this time switches places with an adorable puppy rather than another person. The employees instantly figure this is a prank. At least they get to play with the pup a bit. Hopefully they wash their hands after, though.

Fart Spray

Probably one of the more juvenile pranks we’ve seen, the crew from Jay Karl’s Pranks got a bottle of “Liquid Ass” and sprayed it onto their orders after it was handed to them. They would then give it back to the restaurant claiming something was wrong.

Static Shock fainting

We saved the most messed up for last. In this prank, the MagicofRahat feigns getting static shock from a transaction and immediately collapses onto the steering wheel as the car drives off. The employees are noticeably horrified and concerned over his well-being. Obviously he’s fine, but this experience can’t be good for anyone with high blood pressure.

Fast Food Video

This Is The Most Mind-Numbing Argument We’ve Seen Happen At A Taco Bell Drive-Thru

“Who’s gonna step up and not act like a 12 year old right now?”

No truer words can sum up the mind-numbingly frustrating exchange recently caught at a Taco Bell drive-thru. Live In The Hood posted a video that features a stand-off in a Taco Bell parking lot between two cars who won’t back down while trying to enter the drive-thru.

The hungry camera woman shows up to the fast food spot only to find that the entryway is completely blocked by two women who refuse to give each other an inch, with each claiming the right of way into the drive-thru. This face-off between the stupid is an excruciating example of what not to do if you’re a normal, decent, logical human being.

It eventually led to the fast food employees running out and telling the two embattled women to squash their beef and move along. Eventually, after some exasperated words, the women go their separate ways.

This nearly 5-minute video costs us a pretty huge chunk of faith for humanity.

Hilariously enough, the video ends with the police showing up. A little late there, boys.