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Somebody Hacked A McDonald’s Drive Thru Intercom And The Results Are Totally NSFW

Pranks are just getting more high-tech these days, I guess.

A McDonald’s in New Bern, North Carolina, learned that the hard way after a NSFW video was posted on YouTube of their drive-thru intercom being hacked. According to Fox News, the wireless system frequency of the drive-thru’s intercom had been hacked, allowing the perpetrator to mess with whoever came along to order food.

Boy, did they find some hilarious and crude ways to mess with the customers.

The two minute video shows the hacker using a variety of phrases to mess around, including a pretty gross statement about how customers would get their food:

“You know I’m actually on the toilet right now and I’m just going to serve you your food. I’m not even going to wash my hands. I’m trying to get some special sauce out right now.”

We’re guessing that the “special sauce” the hacker is referring to isn’t the Big Mac Special Sauce.

Obscenities later fly on in the video, with the hacker saying telling the customer to “just pull forward because I’m going to give you whatever the f— I feel like giving you.” Definitely what you want to hear from the person serving your food.

The last 30 seconds of the video… well, let’s just say it’s DEFINITELY not safe for work, and pretty disturbing to hear coming out of a drive-thru intercom. We’ll leave you to watch that if you want.

Local police are currently looking into who hacked the intercom, but there’s no telling how good this hacker is. While it was pretty obvious to tell the intercom was being hacked, it must’ve sucked for the fast food workers trying to take the customers’ orders.

Regardless, we can all get a laugh out of the video and the prank – even if the last bit is a little bit… raunchy.