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For One Day, Sonic Is Selling 50-Cent Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Who: Sonic Drive-In

What: The drive-in chain is holding a special deal where customers can get Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for 50 cents, reports Brand Eating. The grilled cheeses are made with two slices of Sonic’s thick Texas toast and melted American cheese. Typically the sandwiches cost a little more than a dollar.

Where: Any participating Sonic Drive-In location.

When: Sonic’s grilled cheese deal will be available all day on Wednesday Nov. 15

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A Man Named Ronald McDonald Was Shot At A Fast Food Spot, But Not The One You Think


Ronald McDonald was shot earlier this week outside of a Sonic. FOX 5 reports that a man bearing the same name as the McDonald’s pale jester mascot was shot outside of the popular fast food drive-in.

The 36-year-old man had allegedly got into an argument with another guy while outside the Sonic in Lumberton, NC. It escalated and the two exchanged gunfire. McDonald received non-life threatening injuries.

McDonald was said to be married to one of the managers at that Sonic location. Currently the incident is still under investigation and there have not yet been any arrests.


Sonic Drive-In Is Giving Out 79-CENT Slushes For One Amazing Day


On Wednesday, August 19, Sonic Drive-In will be offering medium 20-oz Slushes for the ridiculous price of 79 cents. The Slushes of that size usually cost about $2.

It doesn’t look like there’s any kind of National Slush Day coming up, so they’re apparenly just doing it for kicks. Patrons can order them at all participating Sonic restaurant locations around the US.

There is, however, a limit to four per order. You have to mention the deal to get the discounted price. Unfortunately, the promotion does not include Real Ice Cream Slushes and can’t be joined with Happy Hour half-priced deals.


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Sonic Aims for Hearts with Quarter Pound Cheesy Bacon Footlong


Sonic has added yet another hot dog to their menu. The fast food chain, specializing in drive-in dining, has developed a new hot dog aimed for both bacon and cheese lovers. It’s not too hard to guess what they’re calling it.

The Cheesy Bacon Footlong is made with a quarter pound foot-long hot dog. It’s topped with a cheddar cheese sauce and, of course, chunks of bacon. While a cheese-covered foot-long might not be the easiest thing to handle in a vehicle, it shouldn’t deter the fast food-inclined.

If anyone’s looking for a Lady and the Tramp option for this generation of fast food-loving bacon eaters, this could be the perfect candidate. You’re eating in the car with a date, who cares how cheesy it’ll look. No pun intended.

Sonic patrons can find the Cheesy Bacon Footlong at all participating Sonic locations. At $3.99, the hot dog is served as a combo with tots, the potato kind, of course.


Sonic Dealing Half-Priced Cheeseburgers Before Thanksgiving


Who: Sonic Drive-In.

What: Sonic is offering half off their cheeseburgers the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Because who wouldn’t want to load themselves up with cheap burgers before the pants-tightening holiday?

Where: Patrons can find the half-priced burgers at all participating Sonic locations.

When: The deal will be available all day Tuesday, November 25.


Sonic Serving Hand-Crafted Low-Calorie Soda


We have to admit, Sonic does make some pretty good sodas. So it completely makes sense that the fast food chain would expand on that strength with a new set of hand-crafted sodas. Called Sonic Splash Hand-Crafted Sodas, they are said to be made-to-order and low in calories. Should pair nicely with the multiple bags of corn dogs we usually order.

Brand Eating reports that they were in testing stages last year, but have now become a permanent addition to the menu. The flavors so far include Raspberry, Peach and Blackberry-Pineapple. Sonic’s drink menu also features flavors like Sunshine Berry (a combination of peach, strawberry and lemon) and Hawaiian Wave (combining mango syrup with lime and pineapple).

The drinks are made with carbonated water, sugar-free syrup and fresh fruit. Because it’s Sonic, everything is also customizable.

H/T Brand Eating


Sonic Offers Yet Another 50-Cent Corn Dog Special, This Time for Halloween


Who: Sonic America’s Drive In.

What: In honor of Halloween, Sonic is offering a 50-cent corn dog deal to all customers. With so many recent corn dog promotions, we’re starting to wonder if it’d be easier for them to just designate a day of the week to serve 50-cent corn dogs.

Where: The deal will be available at all participating Sonic America’s Drive In locations.

When: All Halloween day Friday, October 31. Stay spooky, people.


Coolsville: Johnny Rockets Getting its Own Drive-In Movie Theatre


And the prize for Best Idea Ever (this week) goes to Johhny Rockets, who’s stepping up the pseudo 50’s diner game with a new set of drive-thrus, pop-ups, a food truck, and — yes, a drive-in movie theatre restaurant. You may now proceed to freak. the hell. out.

The whole scheme is called Route 66. Designed in partnership with USA Drive-Ins LLC, the Route 66 theaters will feature Johnny Rockets concession stands, “present family-friendly films and embody a nostalgic, all-American experience.” The brand hopes to open 200 of the things, with some prototypes debuting as early as the end of this year.

The new drive-thrus will pop up mostly at “travel hubs” along highways, like Bakersfield in California or Primm in Nevada, while the pop-ups can be purchased for a limited time at existing drive-in movie theaters.

Considering how many fast food chains have been introducing concepts that don’t really make a whole lot of sense (Taco Bell, Panda Express), this is a surprisingly natural extension that’s built itself on ’50s throwbacks. But can you blame us for wishing it came out in time for us to relive Grease?