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Science Designs ‘Drip-Free’ Wine Bottle To Save Every Precious Drop Of Booze

While the occasional drip that comes after pouring a newly-opened wine bottle isn’t a life-altering disaster, it is enough of a mild inconvenience when you’re spending money on a nice bottle to enjoy. You’re not about to waste a drop if you can help it.

Biophysicist and inventor Daniel Perlman from Brandeis University claims to have discovered the solution to the age-old problem of wine dripping. According to Verge, Perlman spent three years studying various videos of wine being poured. That’s when he discovered that wine drips occur commonly when a bottle is full or almost full.

Perlman says that the answer lies in a two-millimeter groove that designers should add to the bottles to catch the wine as the the pourer lifts the bottle back upright.


It’s only a matter of time before wine manufacturers see the results of Perlman’s findings and create the first “drip-free” bottle of wine for consumers. Until that day, we’ll continue to spill our booze ever so slightly.


7-Eleven Offers FREE Coffee This Thursday (9/29)

Free Coffee 7-Eleven September 29 2011

Participating 7-Eleven convenience stores around the nation will be handing out free medium sized coffees from 7 AM – 11 AM on Thursday, September 29 2011. The CofFREE day is the end of a social campaign that asked patrons to nominate an obnoxious person to be dunked into a large cup of coffee. While the campaign sounds confusing, complicated and a bit strange, its FREE COFFEE people. That’s the important part.