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Experience Drinking With Celebrities Via New “Drinky Fun Time” Podcast

Anthony Bourdain drinks his single malt scotch — Balvenie DoubleWood of course — with one ice cube or neat. If you’ve ever wondered what other celebs, like director Guillermo Del Toro, Walton Goggins and Aisha Tyler, like to drink and you don’t hang out at trendy hot spots in NYC or LA, “Drinky Fun Time” aims to answer that question.

Feral Audio’s new drinks podcast is hosted by wine and spirits expert Dan Dunn and entertainment journalist Emma Patterson and recorded in bars, distilleries, and other places where you can get an adult beverage (not a bad gig if you can get it). The weekly podcast will explore the imbibing preferences and rituals of Hollywood’s A-list.

“After so many years writing about drinking, it occurred to me that talking about drinking might be fun too… and far less likely to cause carpal tunnel,” says Dunn. “Drinky Fun Time is the culmination of a life spent perched on barstools, studying booze, dreaming about booze, drinking booze and dropping the names of famous people I know. Oh, and did I mention my buddy Kurt Russell will be a guest on the show?”

Episode one features “Rick & Morty” co-creator Dan Harmon and singer Halsey. Other upcoming guests include actress Allison Janney (“Mom”), Walton Goggins and chef Curtis Stone, among others.