Date Rape Drug-Detecting Cups to Debut at Bars, Colleges and Clubs


Remember these? Cups/straws/glasses/stirrers started by Mike Abramson’s start-up, DrinkSavvy? Good news, ladies and gents! Mike and DrinkSavvy made it big. That’s right, they’re rolling out the corporate red carpet to sell color changing cups and straws, which react in the presence of three commonly used date-rape drugs: GHB, ketamine, and rohypnol. The Indiegogo campaign we covered late last year hit their $50,000 goal and are using funds to ship plastic cups and straws to rape crisis centers, as well as participating bars, colleges, and night clubs. And they hope to start marketing their products to the public some time next year.

While it’s undoubtedly tragic that a product like this is necessary, it’s undoubtedly amazing that the campaign was successful. Take that, creepy party peeps.

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DrinkSavvy with Color-Changing Date Rape Drug Detectors


There is no shortage of horror stories, warnings, and/or statistics about the usage of date rape drugs at college parties, clubs and bars. Most of us, hopefully, know to watch our drinks, not take anything from people we don’t know, etc, etc.

My personal solution is to stay in bed under my Batman blanket on Friday nights, confident that no one spiked my eighth bowl of popcorn, and even if they did, my two-dimensional Dark Knight will protect me. But for those of you who are more adventurous/social, there’s DrinkSavvy.

It’s a new start-up, already featured on The Morning Show, Bust Magazine, and TrendHunter. DrinkSavvy is the brain child of one Mike Abramson, who, tragically, is no stranger to drug-facilitated sexual assault. About his proposed product seeking funding on indiegogo, he says:

The problem is that date rape drugs are odorless, colorless, and tasteless once they’re in your drink…With the help of Dr. John MacDonald, a professor of chemistry at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and with the help of Contract Researching Organizations, DrinkSavvy is developing material that will immediately change color to warn you if a drug is slipped into your drink.

While DrinkSavvy can only offer a limited number of plastic straws/stirrers and cups (to backers pledging $10 and up), they are also working on manufacturing and selling glasses, all of which will change color when a drug is added to the mix. Of course, as Abramson points out, this is no excuse to participate in unsafe party behaivors: please continue to not drink from that communal punch bowl.

Major party foul.


For more information, check out Mike’s video below. Warning: Contains serious, adult content.

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