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Meet Pongbot, The Future Of Beer Pong

Beer pong is a legendary party game that continues to evolve to this day. Recently, we wrote about how robots were being used to add another level of difficulty to the game, when we discovered players began placing beer cups on top of moving iRobot Roomba vacuums, that move and spin around the table it was placed on. It’s too bad, however, that a Roomba can retail for more than $500.00, making it difficult to have Roomba beer pong tournaments.

Well, you can thank the Kickstarter campaign, Pongbot, for thinking of an easier and less expensive way for everyone to enjoy a good ol’ fashioned game of robot beer pong.

Pongbot has two modes; automatic and manual. In manual mode, players use a Pongbot-specific remote control to navigate the moving caddie out of their opponent’s scoring line, adding to the game’s difficulty and increased interaction with other players.


Introduced to the Kickstarter community on August 22, 2016, the Pongbot project still has more than a month to acquire full funding, but according to its creators, this product is, “fully developed and ready for production.”

Looking for a startup goal of $100,000, Pongbot has accumulated more than $1,900 just hours after launching.

The Pongbot Kickstarter is accepting pledges starting from $5 up to $300. Backers who donate more than $300 will receive 10 full-sets — one set includes the Pongbot motor and the 5-cup caddie — Pongbot logo themed balls, and some t-shirts.

Think you can beat team FOODBEAST in a game of Pongbot beer pong? Become a backer on their Kickstarter page and bring it on!


The Unexpected Origins of Our Favorite Drinking Games

While everyone screams, debates, and challenges the rules of drinking games, nobody ever asks where these friendship massacres even came from in the first place. Don’t you want to know what you’re fighting for? Don’t you care what historical side you’re on? Oh, you do? Ok, good, because here are the stories of those four drinking games you always seem to be playing.

1. Beer Pong

beer pong

Main Objective: To sink ping pong balls into all 10 of your opponent’s geometrically arranged cups, forcing them to drink after each successful attempt.

Since booze isn’t a direct component of baseball—just its fans—it’s likely safe to call Beer Pong the closest “sport” Americans can claim as our national drinking pastime. Everyone understands the basics, even though every house has a different set of quirky tweaks for no reason. But nobody ever really stops to ask how the game came to be. Well, since you should know your history, I’ll tell you.

It supposedly started at Dartmouth University in the late 50s, where frat guys playing ping pong noticed their beer cups resting on the table could become targets. It was known as Beer Pong (or simply Pong) because teams used a handle-less ping-pong paddle back then. The game spread, mostly by word of mouth, from campus to campus. In 1980, though, Leigh University and Bucknell University were playing the modern-day “Beer Pong” (a.k.a. “Throw Pong” or sometimes “Beirut”). Whether they just preferred throwing the little balls or all of their paddles broke remains disputed as the origin story of this ubiquitous drinking game.

2. Flip Cup

Flipcuppers (1)

Photo Credit: stangls

Main Objective: Flip a cup, precariously hanging off a table, onto its lip faster than the opposing team.

Another game created by bored college students aiming to make cheap beer exciting, Flip Cup has certainly taken second or third place in drunken heart of American young adulthood. Rumored to be born out of New Jersey in the late 1980s — lookin’ at you Hoboken — the game naturally spread to everyone who loved team sports that could turn into a huge fight within five seconds of winning.

3. Quarters


Main Objective: Bounce quarters off a table and into a cup in order to make another player drink or establish additional rules.

Quarters has probably been called a million things over the centuries since it’s been played in European taverns. I mean, to play, all you need is ale and a coin. It’s not exactly the Monopoly. But if we’re really digging deep into history, we’d have to look at its predecessor. Kottabos was a game drunk lounging Greek men—often financially well off—would play. Tossing the dregs of their wine cup toward a target, either a dish or a saucer, seeing who could land the most. There’s also the assumption that there was a lot more weird sex going on in this game than its modern-day evolution.

4. King’s Cup


Photo Credit: Michael Morales

Main Objective: Play close attention to a list of rules associated with a deck of cards and avoid pulling the last King/drinking the King’s Cup (often filled with an unsavory mix of alcohol).

The best drinking game to play holed up in a cabin, where you have nothing but time and nowhere to go, has many names. To me, it’s King’s Cup. To others, it can be Kings, Ring of Fire, Circle of Death, Donut, and so on. Nobody knows for certain where this game came from, though it bears a slight resemblance to the Norse drinking ritual of Sumbel or “ale-gathering.” It’s like Jumanji. One day, it showed up in our world with the sole purpose to make an insane mess of everything.


3 Incredibly Easy Drinking Games To Play At A Bar

Drinking games always seem to bust out at non-drinking establishments—a house party, a cabin getaway, a backyard barbecue. Yet nobody ever seems to play them at bars. Maybe you don’t have the props, maybe you don’t want to blackout in public, maybe you’re just there to drown your miserable sorrows miserably. However, if you always wanted to, but just thought it was too much of a spectacle, rest assured, it doesn’t have to be. Here are three drinking games you can totally get away with at a pub without everyone glaring you down all stink-eyed.

1. Beer Hockey

Hey, it’s sort of like exercise! Well, okay, sure, it’s not really at all. At your table/arena, everyone has a bottle of beer in front of them (or pint or can, I guess). Someone spins a quarter and calls out the name of another player. Everyone except that named player immediately protects their beer with two fingers (usually in the standard stupid rock ‘n roll sign). The named person then flicks the spinning quarter at a player’s beer, maybe even the original spinner. If it’s a hit, everyone else takes their beer off the table, so that the person who flicked the coin can spin it again, during which time the person chugs said hit beer. He/she can’t stop until the quarter does. What makes it all the more buckwild is that everyone else can keep the quarter going. If the drinker finishes the beer while the quarter is still spinning, then “Instant Revenge” can be enacted by slamming the drained beer on the quarter. Whoever last touched the quarter must drink with the quarter spinning in the same deal. Also, if you can’t get the quarter spinning after three times, your beer goes to “The Penalty Box,” meaning you don’t get to block it, ya soft-fingered dummy.

2. Sevens, Elevens, and Doubles

Think of the Beyoncé jam “7/11” with an extra layer of goodness (I know, it’s the challenge of your life). Here, set a glass of booze in the middle of the table. I’m assuming you’re either going with beer or looking for this game to last all of ten minutes by way of liquor. The first player rolls a pair of dice. If any of the namesake—a 7, an 11, or a double—is rolled, then he/she selects another player to drink (if unsuccessful, the person on the left rolls and takes over). The selected player must drink the alcohol in the middle before the rolling player can score another 7, 11, or double. If they can’t pull it off before the right number comes up, the glass if filled once again for another go until they do it proper. Also, if the roller touches the dice before the drinker gets to the cup, they swap roles.

3. Up Jenkins

Two teams on opposite sides of a table stare each other down with malice—or delighted appreciation for one another’s friendly company, I don’t know, they’re your crew. The game starts with the “captain of a team stealthily passing a coin under the table. The players of said pass the coin until the other team’s (elected) captain says, “Up Jenkins.” The team with the coin then places their elbows on the table with their hands pointing toward the ceiling. When “Down Jenkins” is called by the opposing captain, the players slam their hands face-down. The “clink” of the coin is heard and the opposing team has to guess who has it. A right or wrong guess determines which team drinks.

Finally, there’s always the game of Jukebox! Basically, if you put Bon Jovi or Journey on the bar’s jukebox, you, along with every other person in the bar, lose.


This Stupid Beer Pong Rule Burned A Man’s House To The Ground


As messed up as your Halloween might have been, it probably can’t get worse than this guy’s. Redditor C_Chivo posted this hilarious beer pong story on the popular subreddit Today, I Fucked Up. It literally brought the house down.

While most Reddit stories should be taken with a grain of salt, some are a little too awesome not to mention. Here’s his post.


Please bare with me I’m going on zero hours of sleep about 20 beers and a bad hangover. Plus I’m writing this on my phone because well… My fucking house burned down with everything in it.

Last night (Halloween), my girlfriend who I live with and myself decided to have a Halloween party, it’s Saturday and we normally get fucked up on Saturday anyways so why not drink and dress up.

We have about 15ish people over at our 2 bedroom place and about half were dressed including my girlfriend and my self. I was dressed as Mario and one of my buddy’s dressed as bowzer. Well 4 of us start playing some bp to get our drink on and have a good time. We get a couple games in and the night seems like it’s gonna be a good and long one. Well it was my turn up on the bp table. Myself and a good buddy of mine are on a team vs my girlfriend and bowzer.

Before I go any further, I have a house rule that I made up to stop people from throwing air balls. If the opponent throws and over shoots the table without hitting anything you can catch it and instantly throw it and if it hits the person that air balled in the face that team has to pull a cup from their side.

So Bowzer throws and air balls and instantly catch it and throw a fast ball as hard as I can towards his face. In his drunken stuper he ducks by throwing his ass backwards which in turn bumps the side table with 2 lit Halloween candles. The candles flew around 5 feet straight towards our curtains that my girlfriends grandmother made us.

I saw everything in slow motion. It took for ever it seemed for the candles to land. My butthole puckered so fast I’m surprised it didn’t whistle. Then in less than a second the entire curtain is in gulfed.
Panic mode. I scream, he screams, my girlfriend screams, everyone screams. I rush to get anything that can hold water and start filling it up. It doesn’t help my sink is over flowing with dishes already. I get one pot of water about half way filled and I can tell from the commotion from the other room that things are getting worse and the pot of water isn’t going to help. I take it in the living room and way and dump it on the curtains that have already been pulled down onto the floor. It was at this point I realized that I’ve been living in this house for 8 months and never bought a fire extinguisher. (The house is super old and I’m an army vet so I should know better than to take a chance and not have one) we try stomping out the curtains but it had all ready reached the ceiling before they were pulled down.

At that point I grabbed my dog and usher the remaining people out of the house and call 911.

It’s pouring outside, so all of us are standing out in the rain waiting on help as we watch my living room glow like a jackolanturn. Help arrived working 5 or so minutes of calling them probably about 10ish minutes from the whole thing starting. The fire fighters save the back half of the house but the living room and the dining room are fucked.


Talk about an eventful Halloween. We’re guessing he’ll probably retire that rule if he ever decides to host a beer pong game ever again.


‘Mountain Pong’ Is The Beer Pong Expansion Set You Never Knew You Wanted

If you think classic beer pong isn’t as challenging as it used to be, you might want to look into Mountain Pong. A new Kickstarter campaign is boasting a new concept that takes the time-honored drinking game to another level.


Mountain Pong consists of two uniquely-designed cupholders that the drinks are placed in. While keeping the original six-cup base, three new elevated levels are added to make things a little more challenging.


The set is completely mobile and can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere you can put it down.

Currently, the project is live on Kickstarter with a goal of $30,000. As of publication, it’s reached a little more than $2,000. If you’re interested in seeing Mountain Pong in your future, you know what to do.



This Guy Tries To Distract His Beer Pong Opponent With A Gun, Guess What Happens Next


When playing beer pong, pretty much anything goes when you’re trying to distract your opponent from getting that shot in. However, if you plan on using a gun for that purpose, try not to shoot anyone.

DNAinfo reports that two men were shot at a 4th of July party after one of the players began waving a gun as a distraction tactic.

Mannus Shannon, 27, decided it was a good idea to pull a 9mm semiautomatic out during a game of beer pong. When Shannon’s opponent tried to push him away, the gun misfired and shot him in the finger. Another man was hit in the shoulder.

The victims reportedly drove themselves to the hospital and were treated by doctors. Their conditions stabilized.

Shannon was arrested in his home and was held on $100,000 bail.


Snow Pong is Possibly the Best Drinking Game Ever


With #snowpocalypse taking over parts of the country where winter actually exists (sorry California), college students across America are making the most of their snow days.

Taking beer pong to the next level, undergrads are lovingly sculpting tables out of snow from their backyards to their quads — with the more crafty adding DIY coolers to keep their brews snug. A peek at the #snowpong hashtag on Instagram and Twitter might be enough for some of you post-college grads to be hit with a bout of nostalgia. Cheers to boozy academia!





5 Reasons Drinking Games Can Actually Be Good For You, As Told By Your Conscience


Whether your preferred drinking game is beer pong or flip cup, everyone can agree that suds sports are the best. Except for maybe “scientists.” Or “health experts.” Or “other people we can subtly undermine by putting their job titles in quotation marks.” And in order to prove that we aren’t just making an arbitrary claim, here are five ironclad reasons why throwing things into booze legitimately makes you a better person.


1. Having excellent hand-eye coordination benefits every aspect of your life. Except hammock napping.


Plenty of drinking games, like quarters, beer pong, and flip cup, require a high level of hand-eye coordination. And those skills have uses outside of the party scene, as the better you get at it, the more you can increase your “reaction times, as well as enhanced agility and athleticism“. It could even improve your “typing skills”, though that could also be construed as a negative if you’re using said skills to text your ex after seven games of pong at 430a just to tell her “tht song u lik is on”.



2. Socializing Makes You Happier


According to a researcher, “everyone feels happy when they socialize” (even introverts!), and there’s nothing more social than spending hours alone on a Saturday night scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed to see what everyone else is up to drinking with friends.



3. Competition is Good For You


According to the book Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing, competition can benefit people greatly, as it “challenges people to strive to be better”. Hold on to your competitive spirit during flip cup on Friday night, and then unleash it in the workplace on Monday morning, and soon, you’ll be running that “only chicken fingers and Choco Tacos” restaurant chain you work at.



4. Teamwork is a Bonding Experience


Any drinking game that requires teamwork will strengthen the bonds between you and your friends, as it requires you to “mutually support” one another, which “can encourage people to achieve goals they may not have realized they could reach on their own” — like the goal of drinking a whole lot, or, you know, something super-productive.


5. It’s the Most Fun Way to Hang Out With Your Parents

Spending time with your parents can be a real downer, especially when Dad is always bringing up how dumb your tattoos are (uh, sorry Dad, but it actually IS funny if Calvin is peeing on a Calvinist document!). But playing quarters with dear old Dad can be a good thing, as bonding with the ‘rents can mean improved communication, and make it easier to lean on them in times when you need it. Like the next day, when you’re hungover, and you need them to buy you breakfast.

Lee Breslouer writes about food and drink for Thrillist, and once interviewed a flip cup champion. Follow him on Twitter @LeeBreslouer, because you can’t make a name that good up.