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Bar Game In Thailand May Be The Most Terrifying Thing You Can Do For A Free Shot

Some folks may go to the ends of the earth for a free alcohol. We, on the other hand, have found our line.

According to Grubstreet, a bar in Thailand offers their patrons a free shot if they’re brave enough to even attempt an insane bar game that is crazy enough to scare the crap out of you.

Challengers are asked to lay their hands flat out upon the bar. If this sounds like the popular “knife game” then you’re right. Unfortunately, the knife game will seem like a trip to the spa compared to this updated version.

In this even more twisted version, the bartender runs a series of tools through the gaps between patrons’ fingers. This includes the sharp end of a hammer, cleaver, axe, and power drill.

Jesus Christ.

We’re always down for bar games, just not this one. Perhaps a friendly round of Knifey Spoony?


Gamer Hacks Halo 5 Map To Create Epic Beer Pong Game

Leave it to gamers to figure out a way to play beer pong without beer, a cup, or a ball.

Today, there is no shortage of competition in the constantly expanding industry of personal gaming. With professional gaming tournaments getting national coverage, gaming is becoming a new frontier with its full-potential still under development. Now, with new technology, game modifiers are adding personal touches that are pushing the limits of what is possible inside these virtual worlds.

As users create new concepts for gaming maps — they are also creating new ways to interact and play inside these virtual worlds. Reddit user, Zandril, discovered Forge user and Halo player AFTM Reclaimer created a map that included a really cool beer pong game that the Halo soldiers can actually play. Zandril posted this find to the subreddit, ‘r/gaming’ and it received more than 6,000 points in three hours. That’s a lot.

Clips of Halo 5’s newfound adult drinking game is a little less violent than running around throwing grenades and firing rocket launchers at each other, but sadly, it is not officially released on Xbox or PC. However, the Forge-based Halo 5 version of beer pong looks super fun and very easy to operate.

YouTuber, ZannyVids, posted a video breakdown of the Forge-based Halo 5 map on July 25, and it looks pretty legit.

The Forge Gaming Network is a platform that prides itself on allowing users to build maps inside of existing games for free. Forge, according to its website, is a “clan development and support platform,” that was launched in 2012.

We thought we’d seen it all when we discovered Roomba beer pong a few weeks ago, we have to say we’re pretty intrigued with this new discovery.


The Pokemon GO Drinking Game And Booze Safari [KATCHUP]

Here we are, another episode of the FOODBEAST Katchup. If you missed out on all the food news this week, fear not. This series catches you up on all the top stories in the wide world of food.

This week, no one did any work after Pokemon GO launched. Understandably.

That’s OK, though. Because the rest of the world seems to be in the same boat.

Folks have begun to use Pokemon GO as a way to figure out where to eat instead of Yelp. A bakery is charging its customers based on what team they picked for Pokemon GO. Team Valor? Half off. Team Mystic? Double price.

A girl turned her snack stand into a PokeStop and when people came to collect in-game swag, she sold them food. There’s a Pokemon Safari going on this weekend in Ohio where you can get drunk and catch Pokemon. Sounds like a dream.

Finally, our resident drunkard Sean decided to create a Pokemon GO drinking game instead of writing this Katchup recap. Whatever.

Check out this week’s Pokemon Katchup!

People are Using Pokemon GO Instead of Yelp


Choosing where to eat has never been an easy task. You can drive around from city to city, checking Yelp, and before you know it, an hour has passed by and there’s not a single thing filling your tummy.

Well, in addition to making people get out of the house, it seems like the new mobile game, Pokemon Go, is helping people decide where to eat, according to social media reports obtained by Business Insider. READ MORE

Bakery Offers Discounts to Pokemon GO Players

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.52.22 PM

One obnoxious Team Valor member also happens to run a bakery in Toronto and posted this sign outside of his window. Redditor Dubiono was able to catch the sign and share its glory with the wide world of Pokemon and their trainers. READ MORE

Pokemon GO “Vending Machine”


With all these horror stories about people falling  off cliffs and getting mugged over the new sensation, Pokemon GO, it’s nice to hear a heartwarming story for once.

A young girl in Colorado used the game to lure in Pokemon GO players to her makeshift snack bar, and actually donated the money to a the local Humane Society.


Pokemon Safari Beer Tour


Drink Up Columbus just announced that Actual Brewing in Columbus Ohio will be taking Pokémon players on an amazing adult adventure this Sunday, July 17.

This is definitely the most genius idea yet in our quest to catch ’em all, it’s a Pokémon Safari Beer Tour. The recently released Pokemon augmented reality game spawned many memes and even a drinking game. READ MORE

Pokemon GO Drinking Game


Of course we came up with a drinking game for Pokemon GO, what did you expect?

With the massive success of the nostalgia-imbued app, especially amongst people between the ages of 21-30, it was only a matter of time before a drinking element was added to the mix. Gotta drink em’ all, right? READ MORE


7 Fun FLIP CUP Variations People Are Playing At Parties

If you love drinking beer in massive quantities but have poor aim, your go-to game should be Flip Cup, if it isn’t already. Not to mention, the game is pretty simple and requires very little coordination, so your performance can remain high despite your steadily increasing BAC. But with all games that are a little redundant, they can get kind of boring. Here are some variations on the traditional Flip Cup that’ll keep your party poppin’.

1. T-Rex Arms

You know the T-Rex. As King of the Dinosaurs, they were extremely powerful and widely feared. In retrospect, this seems kind of strange because they had pretty short arms compared to the proportions of their body, which contributed to extremely poor coordination. The T-Rex pretty much walked around like he owned the place, but basically just thrashed its tail awkwardly and recklessly in an assertion of power. This variation on Flip Cup requires you to embody the dinosaur.

The game is played as normal, except you must flip your cup as a Tyrannosaurus Rex would – with extremely short arms and poor motor skills. Retract your arms from your t-shirt sleeves so that only your hand is showing through the arm hole. When done properly, your elbows will be pressed against your torso, and you will only have your hand for movement, rather than your entire arm. Once you get it right, you’ll want to roar in frustration like a T-Rex while attempting to flip your cup.

2. Dance Moves

Remember when you went to birthday parties as a kid and were blindfolded, spun around in circles until you almost vomited, and were then allowed to aimlessly approach a pinata with a baseball bat? This variation of Flip Cup draws from this tradition, minus the aggression and free candy.

When it’s your turn to flip the cup, chug your beer, and then spin around in a circle as fast as you can before you flip. If you miss, you’re out of luck, because you must spin again before attempting to flip for the second time. Try not to barf.

3. Survivor

If you got stuck with a shitty flip cup team, Survivor is a great, objective way to keep playing and drinking, but in a way that everyone has an equal chance at winning. Recruit an innocent bystander to drop a cup on the table. Once the cup makes contact, chug your beer and flip your cup as fast as you can. Once you have successfully flipped, raise your hands up in the air to signify you’re done. Whoever is slowest to flip and raise their hands is ejected from the game.

After the first round, you can dismiss your kind, cup-dropping bystander, because from then on, the loser of that round is the person who drops the cup for the next round. Play until a winner has been identified. If things get close and two people flip their cup successfully at the same time, make them do a Flip-Off to decide the winner. When doing a Flip-Off, each person drinks and flips two cups instead of one.

4. Team Survivor

Team Survivor is basically a combination Survivor and regular Flip Cup. This game requires two teams, just like the original rendition. Conduct the game as a normal flip cup game, with each person only picking up their cup when the person before them has flipped and landed. The losing team, however, must eject one player from the game.

Ideally, you want to eliminate your weakest link, so boot off that dude who took five tries to flip or the person who was to drunk to realize when it was their turn to go. But even when you kick a person off, their cup must remain. There must be the same number of cups on in play at all times. That means once a person is booted off, someone has to drink double. That also means that towards the end of the game, one person might have to drink and flip seven cups in a row. Fun, right?

5. Bob the Builder

giphy (6)
Grab your hard hats, folks, because this game of Bob the Builder requires drunk people to try building something. Yikes. Everything about this game is the same as regular flip cup (drink and flip), but after you flip your cup, you have to build one big pyramid along with your teammates. If you’re playing in a big group with ten people per team, this can get really challenging.

Whichever team that finishes drinking, flipping, and building their pyramid wins. On the downside, if your pyramid collapses, you have to keep going as a team until it’s rebuilt. Have your beer pitcher handy in case your team sucks and you have to go three rounds each before succeeding.

6. Flip Cup Extreme

If you’ve reached a point in your debauchery where you’re full of drunken bravado, this game is for you. Again, it’s pretty similar to normal flip cup, but instead of starting with the cup right side up and flipping it onto the brim, you do the opposite. Drink your beer, start with the cup brim side down, and then flip it so it’s right-side-up. This doesn’t sound very hard, but think about how much less surface area of landing room you have on the table.

7. No Hands

No Hands is probably the messiest and most fun way to play flip cup, mainly because it’s entertaining watching everyone struggle. Like the name suggests, using your hands is completely out of the picture. When it’s your turn to drink, grab your cup with your teeth and tilt it back slowly so the beer goes in your mouth. It’s considered cheating if you do this but just spill your entire cup down your body. Once you have graciously tipped back your beer, place the cup on the table, and either continue to use your teeth or employ a suction technique to manipulate your cup onto its other side.

May the flips be ever in your favor.


Mario ‘Beerio’ Kart Might Be The Greatest, Nerdiest Drinking Game Ever

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.05.27 PM

Now, I’ve seen some pretty epic drinking games but I can only imagine how insane things get when you mix cheap beer with Mario Kart.

Think about it. The game is already hard to play sober. Plus, something changes in people when they play Mario Kart. Your friends are now laughing maniacally as they shoot Bullet Bills and leave a trail of banana peels for you to slip on. Not to mention you have Wario on your ass with Bowser waiting just around the corner to blast that damn spiny shell at you just as you slide into first place. But to play this seemingly innocent racing game while drunk off your ass? Nope. Kiss Rainbow Road goodbye.

The rules are simple:

1) Dust off your N64 and find your Mario Kart 64 cartridge. Yes kids, in the old days we had to play our video games on cartridges, none of that fancy CD ish.

2) Get some beer. Make sure it’s something you like because you’ll be spending some quality time with it.

3) Grab some pals and start up the game. Once you’ve all picked your characters and course, it’s time to get down to business.

Check out the run down below:

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.06.03 PM

Make sure you play this with some friends though, because playing Beerio Kart solo is basically geeky alcoholism.

PicThx Reddit


The ‘Forever Alone’ Valentine’s Day Drinking Game


Full disclosure: my goal at the end of this list is to make you want to punch something. The wall. Your laptop. The jackass buying last-minute flowers at the supermarket for his girlfriend and his cute coworker. I want you to get so angry that your body becomes a vessel fueled by the universal hatred of single people everywhere, threatening to spill forth from your fingers into the face of the next fat baby angel you see, and then — when you don’t think you can take anymore — you’ll just  . . .  go to a bar. Or call up a couple single friends so you can all play Edward 40-Hands. Because that’s what happy, healthy, well-adjusted grown-ups do. Really.




Anyone who isn’t your boyfriend, girlfriend and/or significant other wishes you Happy Valentine’s Day


Picthx lol0


You get invited to a Singles-Only Party


How f–king thoughtful of you.


You hear Taylor Swift anywhere (and add a drink every time thereafter)


Picthx tumblr


Someone posts a Facebook status about how in love they are


Picthx College Humor


Someone calls Valentine’s Day a stupid, corporate holiday and declares how happy they are to be single


Sure you are.


You see one of these bad boys:


You read this list





Someone Instagrams their engagement ring (add two if that person is an ex)


Picthx weheartit


Somebody asks why you’re still single



Picthx Collider


You go out to dinner and the waiter asks how many in your party


You see someone eating their feelings


You decide to eat your feelings





You end up on Pinterest, looking at wedding stuff



You end up on Thought Catalog, reading “The Perks of Being Single



You end up on Facebook, creeping on your ex’s new boo



You end up on Netflix, period.


Picthx Doodle Flix





Someone complains about having a boyfriend and not being able to party with her single friends


Your younger sister gets engaged


You wind up beating ‘Dark Souls’


Picthx Polish the Console




The Football Drinking Game You Shouldn’t Play This Sunday


Sick of pansy drinking games that require you to take a baby sip every time you look through the 10-page rulebook? Real drinking games should be easy and have you plastered and grasping the earth for dear life by halftime.