Drinkify — This Website Helps You Pair Drinks With Music

The concept is simple, head to Drinkify, punch in what you’re listening to, and you will receive a cocktail that supposedly will fashionably accompany whatever is coming through your speakers. We’re not sure what algorithm was used to as the basis for the system, but it’s definitely a fun one to use.

Drinkify was created in 24 hours as part of Music Hack Day Boston 2011, an event with a goal to explore and build the next generation of music applications. The result from designer Hannah Donovan, Data-gatherer Lindsay Eyink, and developer Matthew Ogle is a system that brings together the Echo Next, with and and a proprietary Drinkify booze database.

Each search not only generates the recipe in an easy to read and well-designed fashion, it’s accompanied by artist and album images, and even an audio track playing in the background. The use of The Echo Nest API allows the system to digest your musical selection on different levels, including terms/genres that describe an artist as well as summaries of top tracks (are their songs slow or fast, etc.). API was used to pull artist and album images.

The tag line for this novel site? Never listen to music alone again: