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How To Make Classic Christmas Drinks From Around The World [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to Christmas in the United States, we’ve got our own classic beverages to celebrate with. Eggnog, hot chocolate, apple cider, and gingerbread lattes all come to mind as examples. Around the world, you can find a whole bunch of different Christmas drinks as well, as each region and country has developed their own seasonal traditions over time.

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For those interested in seeing how the rest of the world toasts the holidays, Expedia has created an infographic detailing Christmas drinks from various nations across the globe. These include Ponche Navideño from Mexico, Bombadino from Italy, and even Jamaican Sorrel Punch.

Expedia has also provided recipes on how to make every single one of the drinks in their infographic. If you’re curious on what these drinks are and how to make them, peep the images below. If you’re intrigued and want to try them out for yourself, definitely go for it. All of the below beverages are worthwhile and festive additions to any lineup of drinks you’ve got planned for the holidays.

Germany – Feuerzangenbowle

Italy – Bombardino

Ireland – Irish Cream

Jamaica – Sorrel Punch

Lithuania – Poppy Seed Milk

Romania – Țuică

Chile – Cola de Mono

Puerto Rico – Coquito

Mexico – Ponche Navideño

Sweden – Glögg

All photos courtesy of Expedia


Here’s How to Make a Boozy Candy Bar Cocktail


The best recipes are simple, a rule that applies especially to well made drinks. This recipe involves UV Vodka’s new “Candy Bar” liquor mixed with milk and some butterscotch candy. We suggest substituting the milk with half and half, for lux indulgence in a glass.