Here’s a Ridiculously Easy Way to Make Airplane Wine Taste Better


Here’s an indisputable fact: airplane wine is awful. Similar to the aromatic scent of gasoline, the steely taste of wine offered to passengers flying coach is exacerbated in-flight due to the altitude and dryness of cabin air, according to Quartz.

While  sommeliers insist that aerating red wine through various decanting techniques helps the flavors and aromas flatten out, doing so within the confined space of cabin seating is hardly ideal. Decanting your vino and pouring it back and forth between two plastic cups would no doubt be unbearably obnoxious for those sitting next to you and unfortunately, blenders are prohibited as carry-on baggage.

So, what’s a lush to do when stuck with those single-serving plastic wine bottles with the twist caps? Simply shake it.

A few tips: Mind the people sitting near you and try not to throw bows. Pour a little of the wine out into your obligatory plastic cup. Reseal and make sure the cap is secured tightly. Now that you’ve got extra space in the bottle, lightly shake it for a minute. Pour and drink up.

Peek the mini demonstration:

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