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Someone Spent $1000 On Ranch Dressing For The Best Reason


A while back, a pizzeria made headlines after it started charging customers $1000 for some ranch dressing. While some like to enjoy dipping their pizza slices into the sweet and tangy buttermilk-based dressing, Cane Russo would rather have you eat their pizza as it is than request the addition.

So they “jokingly” started adding a $1,000 bottle of ranch to the menu for customers.

Last week, a tragic fire burned down the Human Society of Southeast Texas and killed 74 dogs.

Cane Rosso decided to hold a fundraiser to help the shelter, reports the Dallas Observer. Among those who pitched in for the Humane Society was meat shop and restaurant Caviar who purchased the infamous bottle of Ranch dressing that’s been sitting on Cane Rosso’s shelf for years.


The restaurant posted a photo on Facebook, seen above, with the caption:

Some men just wanna watch the world burn…WE JUST SOLD OUR FIRST BOTTLE OF RANCH DRESSING!! Big ups to the boys at Caviar for dropping a cool $1000 to help the Humane Society of Southeast Texas. Josh, you disgust me, but you’re alllllriiight.

Another bottle of Ranch will more than likely find a home on that display case sometime in the near future.

Glad to see a community come together for a cause in need. We talk about it more on this week’s Katchup.


This Restaurant Puts Ranch On Nearly Everything On The Menu


Lovers of ranch will be pleased to hear there will be a restaurant dedicated solely to the popular dressing. The Twisted RAnCh restaurant, set to open soon in St. Louis, will heavily feature ranch on the menu.

The Twisted RAnCh boasts 18 different varieties of the dip on their menu, Feast Magazine reports. Flavors like garlic, Tzatziki, chipotle, Thai, smoked paprika and buffalo will all be available for customers to choose from.

Practically everything on the menu will feature ranch in some form or another.

A special dry Ranch mix will be incorporated into the Twisted RAnCh’s savory dishes. This includes the pan-seared pork chops, toasted ravioli, meatloaf, loaded ranch nachos and flatbread pizza crusts.

The restaurant is set to open to the public Tuesday, June 30.

Photo: The Twisted RAnCh Facebook

Packaged Food

Simply Dressed Salad Dressing [OUR LOOK]

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the healthiest eater. I mean Korean BBQ Pie? Who does that? But there’s something about Marzetti’s Simply Dressed Salad Dressing that makes me want to rethink a few of my dietary habits. Made with yogurt, extra virgin olive oil, and other all-natural ingredients, Simply Dressed goes great with any number of foods.

The company was founded by Teresa and Joseph Marzetti in 1896 born under one simple motto that Teresa had written on a piece of paper:

“We will start a new place and serve good food. At a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but we will serve good food.”

And good food did she serve, producing dressings, slaws, and other health foods for over a century. The dressing is available in over ten different light flavors (ranch, caesar, celery seed, blue cheese, raspberry acai…) this yogurt-based treat doesn’t have that heaviness that comes with regular salad dressing. Simply Dressed is more than just a condiment, it’s something healthy to look forward to in your daily diet.


Sunrise Salad XL Dressing Dispenser

Finally! The laws of science working in harmony with technology! …at least when it comes to dressing your salad.

Taking advantage of the physical properties of Vinegar and Oil, the Salad Sunrise XL dispenser allows you to pour out each of the fluids from the same container. The Oil, being less dense rests at the top of the container and can be poured from the top spout while the denser Vinegar can be poured from the lower spout. For such a simple and elegant design, the Salad Sunrise XL manages to come in at a somewhat XL price for my tastes. You can buy one for about $79.

Hit-Or-Miss Products

IDEA: Hidden Valley Ranch Keychain

If you didn’t see the Sriracha keychain idea then you probably haven’t caught on to this concept yet. But this is my own take on a great idea. Granted this is just a hopeful wish for the future, but I would totally rock a ranch bottle key chain, because ranch is pretty much good with everything. What other condiment key chains should there be?


Craving: Seared Halibut

I am not the biggest zucchini fan, it’s just one of those vegetables that I could never get into. But for some reason when you mix zucchini with chickpeas, add a cilantro-feta cheese dressing and top it off with some seared halibut, that is something I can definitely get into. (Thx FPD)