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Hooters Takes First Step To Ditching Sexy Uniforms

There’s no way to beat around the bush, there’s a reason why Hooters Girls wear skin-tight tank tops and booty shorts ⸺ because sex sells. The cleavage-heavy tops have become part of their identity, but it looks like they’re starting to veer toward a more modest approach.

The president of Hooters Asia said its current six restaurants, and its anticipated 30 future locations across the continent will be more family-friendly. With a more conservative outlook, the new uniforms will feature longer skirts and higher necklines, according to Channel News Asia.

“We are still Hooters, but we recognize that if we want to be a part of the community, we have to adapt to be embraced,” Neil Bailey, the president of Hooters Asia told Channel News Asia.

This is a pretty big shakeup that probably wouldn’t fly in the U.S., but you never know, we might someday see Hooters as a family-first, kid-friendly establishment. Stranger things have happened.

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Starbucks Is Now Cool with Its Baristas Being Inked Up


Starbucks announced Thursday that starting October 20, it would be making some changes to its dress code, most notably the allowance of visible tattoos.

The current policy requires employees to cover their tattoos, but the coffee juggernaut released an updated version of its dress code that lets its members openly show their tattoos as long as they’re not offensive and aren’t located above the shoulders.

In September, Starbucks opened up a discussion through its Facebook page, asking employees to voice their opinions on what should be changed within the company. The baristas responded with over 3,000 comments.

They also fought for the right through a campaign last August that saw over 25,000 people sign a petition to let the workers openly wear their tattoos.

starbucks dress code

Along with the outcry for tattoos, workers asked for allowance of colored ties and scarves, and black denim, all changes that were applied in the new dress code.

New jewelry guidelines will also take effect as the “partners” will be allowed to wear plain band rings, but watches, bracelets and wrist bands are still banned.

Congrats! Wear your ink proudly, guys.

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