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Shelf-Stable Pancake Batter You Can Pour Straight From The Bottle Now Exists

For those who don’t know how to create their own pancake batter or think it takes too long to use a powdered mix, making pancakes in the morning just got infinitely easier.

Photo courtesy of DreamPak

DreamPak just created a shelf-stable pancake batter they’re about to start selling by the bottle. It can last outside of the fridge (even after opening), and is safe to consume even before you pour it onto the griddle. Why you would chug straight pancake batter is beyond me, but if you’re down, so is this mix.

Each bottle contains enough batter to make 15 servings, though you can be creative with tiny pancakes discs or massive fluffy ones. So far, only a buttermilk flavor is available, but there’s potential for inclusions like chocolate chips in future iterations of the product. There’s always the ability to add your own flavors to whatever’s inside the bottle, but you’ll wanna check that those are shelf-stable as well before leaving the entire thing out.

For pancake enthusiasts, this might seem like too far a shortcut, especially if you prefer homemade batters that you can flavor and mix up the flours in. There’s also no egg or dairy in this product, according to DreamPak representatives, so anyone who craves those ingredients in their batter may find it a bit lacking.

Still, this takes pancakes in the morning to ultra-convenient levels it hasn’t been at before, since you can just wake up, turn the stove on, and start flipping pancakes as soon as your pan is hot. It’s also pretty useful for backpacking or camping trips since it can last without the need for fresh eggs or milk.

DreamPak will start selling these bottles in select grocery chains like Hy-Vee this coming March.