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This Cheesy Donut Sandwich Is Not For The Weak Of Heart

Donuts have come a long way from the fluffy little dessert that capped off your meal and indulged your sweet tooth. If done right, a donut can be the main course, and boy has it been done right by D.R.E.A.M. Donut Truck.

Feast your eyes on the Cheesy Sujuk Sausage Donut, exclusively available at OOZEFEST in Santa Ana, CA.

The Middle Eastern-inspired dish consists of a glazed donut base, stuffed to the max with Armenian string cheese, and a spicy sausage called Sujuk. It’s then pressed down, damn near grilled, revealing a gooey cheese pull that needs an NC-17 rating for unrelenting food porn.

“The donut was inspired by traditional Armenian breakfast sides that we grew up eating,” D.R.E.A.M.’s owner Vahe Kalli said.

D.R.E.A.M. Donut truck is fairly new to the food truck game, but it’s already making noise in the Los Angeles food scene, collaborating here with local favorite California Donuts to make this mobile donut dream happen.

“The truck idea came from a shirt design I did several years ago. After the design was complete, we collaborated with California Donuts to release it and it was a hit,” Kalli said.

D.R.E.A.M. stands for Donuts Rule Everything Around Me, which is in reference to the famous Wu-Tang Clan anthem “C.R.E.A.M.” It makes sense, because these donuts are a dream.

If you’re up for teasing your tastebuds with new flavors, make sure to get your tickets for the 3rd annual OOZEFEST at MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, where this savory, cheesy donut can be found, along with many more exclusive foods from some of Southern California’s most innovative restaurants. The event takes place Saturday, October 14, and tickets can be purchased at

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Watch This Guy Try To Hand-Feed Donuts To Police Officers

Whether you saw it in Chief Wiggum‘s love for Lard Lad, or Gabriel Iglesias‘s hilarious Krispy Kreme joke, you’re probably familiar with the old stereotype involving donuts and law enforcement.

Comedian Nick Antonyan, with his Jonah Hill-like, charming good looks, has a series called “Feeding Strangers,” and while he has hit the streets before, trying to randomly feed folks bananas, Nick took it to the next level by approaching police officers with donuts in hand.

It didn’t exactly go according to plan, as apparently Los Angeles officers don’t like donuts much, rejecting him again and again.


“I was terrified,” Antonyan said. “It took me over an hour and a half to grow some balls and approach a cop.”

With a bit of nervousness within, Nick still hit the streets with donuts from Los Angeles-based DREAM Donut Truck, and even wore a very appropriate Wu-Tang Clan inspired “Donuts Rule Everything Around Me,” shirt.

“Some cops were not cool with it, but most understood the joke and went with it,” Antonyan said.

It was a pretty ballsy video, but probably worth it, as the police officers’ reactions were pretty hilarious.

Maybe next time the officers will be more into it if he brings some milk, or coffee.