Artist Cleverly Draws Rappers Enjoying A Nice Ice Cream Cone

Back in 2013, rapper Kanye West showed the world that he was not afraid to thoroughly enjoy an ice cream cone in public and in the spirit of love for creamy frozen treats, artist Tisha Cherry put together a series of portraits on her Instagram with rappers eating ice cream.

As she drew the popular rappers’ profiles using melted chocolate, she also pictured them alongside real ice cream cones for emphasis.

Joining Kanye West in this series are hip hop favorites; Pharrell, Ol’ Dirty Bastard (R.I.P), Lauryn Hill and Drake.

Check out the awesome art below:

Lauryn Hill, killing me softly with ice cream.



Hey, Dirty. Baby, I got your ice cream.



“Ice cream conversations, they all want the scoop.”


“See these ice cubes, see these ice creams?”


“Memories made in the coldest winter.”



Iconic Musicians Recreated Using Corn Flakes

cereal artists

Some might already argue that Drake is as soft as Corn Flakes, but now there’s an elegant visual of him in Corn Flake form, as well as of other music artists.

Artist Sarah Rosado masterfully took bits of cornflakes and recreated the profiles of iconic musicians of the past and present. From Michael Jackson, Elvis and John Lennon to current stars such as Drake, Beyonce and Lady Gaga, they are all carefully crafted to make you feel something beyond appreciation.

The detail put into these portraits is crazy, as Rosado crafts every eyebrow and hairstyle to a “t” and captures the essence of each musician’s noteworthy characteristics.

Check them out yourself, and you’re likely to start humming their songs as you scroll down:


Alicia Keys

967860_560912950718919_1507322083_n __________

Freddie Mercury




Michael Jackson






John Lennon



Kanye West



Lady Gaga


Amy Winehouse




Jimi Hendrix




Check out more of her art @srartwork.

Fast Food

McDonald’s Canada Creates a Useless App to Protect Your Fries From Thieves

fry thief

It seems that fry theft is a pretty serious issue in Canada, as McDonald’s Canada claims that 99 to 100 percent of Canadians have, or will have their fries stolen at some point in their lives. That means not even Drake, Ryan Gosling, nor the mighty Justin Bieber are safe. The only safe Canadian is probably Wolverine. Good luck trying to swipe his fries without getting claws to the chest, bub.

There is a feature in the McDonald’s Canada app called the Fry Defender. It has a motion sensor, so you just leave it next to your phone, and if you ever have to take your eyes off your food, you activate the app’s alarm system. If any of your friends think they’re Danny Ocean and try to pull a heist on your fries by hovering their hand directly above your phone, it’s over, as the app will put them on blast and sound an obnoxious alarm.

Watch the video below if you’re OK with a Canadian dude saying, “aboot” and “have bean.”
Thank you, Canada for backing something that’s absolutely worthless. Just stick to ice hockey and Poutine.


Drake Brings Nicki Minaj on Convenience Store Snack Spree


After Nicki Minaj treated lil’ bro Drizzy to a lap dance in her “Anaconda” music video, Drake did the proper thing and took her out on a convenience store snack spree.

While on a break from filming on the set of Usher’s “She Came to Give It to You” video, Nicki and Drake made a munchies run. While wandering the aisles of a convenience store, Drake drops the all you gotta do is point. Nicki then proceeds to pick up Cheez-Its and something that may or may not “shave a good six months off your life.”

Ladies, take note.


Drinkify — This Website Helps You Pair Drinks With Music

The concept is simple, head to Drinkify, punch in what you’re listening to, and you will receive a cocktail that supposedly will fashionably accompany whatever is coming through your speakers. We’re not sure what algorithm was used to as the basis for the system, but it’s definitely a fun one to use.

Drinkify was created in 24 hours as part of Music Hack Day Boston 2011, an event with a goal to explore and build the next generation of music applications. The result from designer Hannah Donovan, Data-gatherer Lindsay Eyink, and developer Matthew Ogle is a system that brings together the Echo Next, with and and a proprietary Drinkify booze database.

Each search not only generates the recipe in an easy to read and well-designed fashion, it’s accompanied by artist and album images, and even an audio track playing in the background. The use of The Echo Nest API allows the system to digest your musical selection on different levels, including terms/genres that describe an artist as well as summaries of top tracks (are their songs slow or fast, etc.). API was used to pull artist and album images.

The tag line for this novel site? Never listen to music alone again:



Video: Drake for Sprite (Commercial)

I’m not really sure why it is I’m liking Drake so much lately. His voice can practically be heard on just about every song on the radio right now, but I can’t knock his flow. This Sprite commercial is pretty dope, as we get to see Drake stop mid recording, refresh himself with some Sprite, watch his body open up like a robot, and get back to his genius. Way to go Aubrey! Oh yeah, apologies about the poor quality about this commercial, but at the time of this posting, this is the highest quality we could find.