Mysterious Hole In This IHOP Parking Lot Just Swallowed Over A Dozen Cars


Imagine taking the morning off work to grab some delicious pancakes at your local IHOP. Now, after casually enjoying those pancakes, you pay your tab only to discover that your car is missing. Such was the case of more than a dozen IHOP patrons and employees whose vehicles fell into a massive hole.

The parking lot of a Mississippi IHOP collapsed mysteriously onto an area near the restaurant’s drainage system. Officials, however, have said this incident was not the result of a sinkhole and that they’re working to figure out the cause of this miniature disaster.

According to IHOP’s official statement, the restaurant had only been open for four days before the incident occurred. Sadly, the restaurant will remain closed until everything is fixed and the source of the problem resolved.

The cause, while still under investigation, is more than likely a result of the recent construction combined with rain.

Luckily, no one was hurt. Though there might a few scratched up vehicles.