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Starbucks’ Dragon Frappuccino Looks Like It Ate A Unicorn

Photo: Carolyn Lee

Last week was a whirlwind of colorful Starbucks drinks. The popular coffee chain released a limited-time Unicorn Frappucinno that was met with mixed reactions. Then, we discovered Starbucks’ secret menu unicorn beverage: the Unicorn Lemonade.

Starbucks has continued upon the trend of creating colorful drinks based off of mythical creatures with yet another Frappuccino. The Dragon Frappuccino seems to originate from a few different Starbucks locations in Southern California. Legend has it, the beverage was created as a consolation for patrons who couldn’t get their Unicorn Frappuccinos before they were discontinued.

Here’s exactly what’s inside this drink:

To be honest, this emerald variation sounds a lot better than the original Unicorn drink. Though we were pretty excited to see how that tasted too…


Why Dragon Ball Z Characters Should NEVER Drink [HUMOR]

If you ask any guy between the ages of 19 and 32, I assure you they would be able to tell you what Dragon Ball Z is.

Hell, even the people that were subjugated to watching that (sisters, girlfriends, younger cousins with no say in what we watch on TV during the annual Easter party) still know a handful of the characters’ names.

In any case, the worst thing you could do is get a super-powered being drunk and this video outlines exactly why.

Imagine having near-infinite power at your command and you’re just…wasted.

It’s not pretty.


Manufacturer Error Caused Penis Shaped Gummies to Ship Out to Kids


When kids reach into a bag of gummy bears and pull out a handful of dicks, it could easily scar them for life.

According to Stuff, a New Zealand based candy company called Dutch Rusk had a huge recall because their packs of Dragon Sweets gummies were somehow mixed up with penis-shaped gummies. The pallet was shipped about six weeks ago and a couple weeks after, the company started getting complaints forcing the recall to take effect.

You can only imagine there were pissed off parents when their children were pinching the shaft of a miniature phallus, as one out of every 20 bags of Dragon Sweets contained a couple little Johnsons inside them.

The company swallowed their thousands in losses and apologized for the inconvenience.

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These Epic Banana Sculptures are Amazing and Definitely Good For You

Horse Alien Spidey DVC00286 Bart DVC00108

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Dragon Cake Looks Both Terrifying and Delicious


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Pick Up Stix: Dragon Deals Value Menu

New at Pick Up Stix is the Dragon Deals Value Menu which has four choices featuring the most popular choices at most Asian eating spots. Subway isn’t the only place on the $5 meal fix.  If you’re a fan of Crispy Honey Chicken, Beef and Broccoli, Kung Pao Chicken or Orange Peel Chicken, then you can get away with only spending 5 dollars for delicious Pick Up Stix.