How To Make Your Own Edible Dragon Balls At Home [WATCH]

I’m a huge fan of the anime Dragon Ball and all its following sequels. Yes, even Dragon Ball GT. There’s something magical about traveling the world collecting relics to summon a dragon that grants wishes.

If you’re not a fan of the great outdoors, but you still want to get that wish, you can now make your own Dragon Balls right at home.

All you need is some dry gelatin powder and strawberry jelly powder as well as a few molds and cutters.

Check out the video by Monster Kids for the complete recipe, in detail. Seriously, we don’t even think the great dragon Shenron could tell the difference between these and the real thing.


This Restaurant Serves Hot Pot With A Side Of Dragon Balls


Typically, it takes years (even decades) to collect the seven Dragon Balls. If you’re dining at Japan’s Danke Dinning, however, expect to find them all in your hot pot.

Based on the beloved anime series, the restaurant serves seven orange balls made of collagen jelly with little pieces of carrot cut into stars inside. They’re call the dish Dragon Ball Nabe, Kotaku reports.

Nabe, also known as hot pot, features uncooked meat and vegetables in a seasoned broth that’s boiled to the customers’ preference. It’s typically served a dipping sauce.

The magical dish has garnered the restaurant some media attention. Though sources say there has yet to be an appearance from Shenron.

Unfortunately, the only wish these gelatinous balls will grant you is a full stomach. Unless you’re sharing.

Photo: dadakone0310