The Only Thing Better than Dragon Ball Z Creme Brulee Cake Balls is Nothing


I’m pretty sure I’ve been a nerd since birth, but I’ll be the first to admit the Dragon Ball Z fandom never really fit into my wheelhouse. I guess I was more geek than nerd back then, since my after school television generally consisted of Wishbone, Arthur, and the first thirty seconds of Are You Afraid of the Dark? (spoiler: yes). But that doesn’t mean the internet hasn’t taught me one or two things about DBZ, like something about the number 9000 and super whatever-ing.

Fortunately, I don’t have to be a fan of the show to think these cakeballs are ridiculously awesome.

Apparently, they’re similar-ish to these creme brulee cookies (the running theme here is vanilla and a crunchy sugar coating, as per the original fancy dessert), but they’re cakeballs instead. The sugar coating/glossy finish really give them that ‘dragon ball look,’ whatever that means. They look nothing like what I’d imagine dragon balls should look like, but what do I know?

According to Nerdy Nummies (win), they’re pretty simple to make. Cake + creme brulee + patience = anime-based glory. And then you collect them all and get a wish, or something? Does the wish include more cake balls? Let’s just say yes. Infinite cake balls.

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This Awesome Themed Packaging for DBZ Super Saiyan French Fries Looks Exactly How You’d Think


Super Saiyans are real. Well, at least their food is. Kind of.

Throughout the month of March and into the start of April, Japanese convenience chain Lawson will be offering a line of Dragon Ball Z-themed menu items to promote the new movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, out March 30.

Included among remarkably extensive offerings are Dragon Pizza Balls, Super Saiyan French Fries, a green Vegeta Salad — (get it? Vegeta, Vegetables?) — and a slightly sketchy looking Majin Buu Milk Pudding. Plus some other things that aren’t nearly as cool, like Krillin bread.





dbzfood6      dbzfood12



As neat a promotion as this is, however, Lawson’s DBZ-inspired menu is far from perfect. I mean, no senzu beans on the salad, guys? Really? How else am I supposed to achieve Super Saiyan 3, by sheer willpower? Puh-leazeee.

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