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Dairy Queen Is Launching Baskets Of Chicken & Waffles Soon

Fresh off the heels of KFC’s return of Chicken & Waffles, Dairy Queen is debuting their own version of the beloved pairing of savory and sweet.

Photo courtesy of Dairy Queen

DQ’s variation on the classic comes in the form of one of their Chicken Strip baskets. This particular basket includes fried chicken strips and fries, but also adds sweet Belgian waffles and some syrup on the side for you to drizzle or dunk with.

The fast food world has really been getting into Chicken & Waffles as of late. KFC has their version back in stores already, and Papa John’s will be dropping a Chicken & Waffles Pizza some time later this year.

As for Dairy Queen’s take, you can find it in restaurants nationwide starting on April 1st. Don’t worry, we’ve already confirmed that this is not an April Fool’s joke.

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Dairy Queen Unveils New ‘Snack Menu’ Options


Dairy Queen just launched an entirely new menu for those who kind of just feel… peckish. Called the Snack Menu, Dairy Queen offers new four new items for customers to try when they’re looking for something light.

The menu features Soft Pretzel Sticks with Zesty Queso, Potato Skins, the Buffalo Chicken Snack Melts, and the Chicken Bacon BBQ Snack Melt.


There have been many times where we want to grab a bite in between meals and feel like anything heavier than a sandwich might just be too much of a commitment. Sounds like this new menu might just be the thing to satiate our stomachs for the hours leading into a Korean BBQ trip or any kind of all-you-can-eat adventure.

Or if you’re just craving potato skins.


Dairy Queen Is Giving Away Free Ice Cream On Cone Day


Who: Dairy Queen

What: In honor of 75 years of business, Dairy Queen is giving away free ice cream as a way to thank loyal customers. During Free Cone Day, DQ patrons can get a small vanilla cone to enjoy. Because, as always, everyone loves free ice cream.

Where: The giveaway will be available at participating Dairy Queen locations.

When: Customers can get their free cone on Monday, March 16.


Chemical Milkshake from Dairy Queen Sends Boy to Hospital


A young boy from Colorado was taken to the hospital after complaints of a burning tongue sensation caused by a vanilla milkshake his mother bought him from a Thorton Dairy Queen. My Fox 8 reports that the milkshake had been tainted by a cleaning solution. Lisa Chase, the mother of the boy, said that she couldn’t even taste the ice cream in the shake and it was more like drinking a very strong cleanser.

Apparently, an employee had been soaking the vanilla syrup container in floor cleaner and degreaser concentrate when another Dairy Queen employee got a hold of it. Thinking the container was clean, the second employee went ahead and filled it with the syrup. The degreaser concentrate contained sodium hydroxide which can cause burns, vomiting and shock if ingested.

The owner of the Dairy Queen where the incident occurred said it was a terrible accident and that the employees involved were written up for not following the restaurant’s proper health procedures. The health department and poison control were also contacted.

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Candy Cane Blizzard Returns to Dairy Queen


Since Christmas is only a few weeks away, Dairy Queen is bringing back their Candy Cane Chill Blizzard Treat for it’s annual run throughout the month of December. The seasonal item is  available as a regular Blizzard, a Blizzard in a chocolate waffle cone, or a Royal Shake.

The Candy Cane Chill packs candy cane pieces and chopped up chunks of chocolate blended into soft-serve vanilla ice cream. However, while Candy Cane is a delicious holiday favorite, I’d love to see them mix it up a bit with some new candy cane flavors. SweetTarts Candy Canes are at the top of my Christmas list. Maybe next year, Santa will deliver.

Picthx DQ

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Gimme S’more: Dairy Queen’s Featured Blizzard for June is a ‘Campfire in a Cup’


As awesome as s’mores are, we all have got to admit they’re pretty f*cking annoying. Whenever you make one, you’re either dropping the chocolate, not toasting the marshmallow enough, fighting not to choke on smoke or getting sand in your eyes. Bottom line: It ain’t pretty. Luckily we have Dairy Queen’s new featured Blizzard for the month of June, the S’mores Blizzard, to take all the “oh great” out of the Great Outdoors.

Made of vanilla soft serve covered with graham crackers and rich chocolate chunks filled with marshmallow fluff, the S’mores Blizzard Treat is being touted as a “campfire in a cup” – and rightly so. It used to be you needed a warm fire, good company and bright stars to have a good time. But now you can enjoy all the fun of summer from the comfort of your twitter feed. Win.

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Dairy Queen Chills Out with Choco Peanut Butter Brownie Blizzard

dairy-queen-may-2013-botm-choco-peanut-butter-brownie 600

DQ’s Blizzard of May, Choco Peanut Butter Brownie, is packed with chocolate chunks, peanut butter and brownie pieces blended into vanilla ice cream. This treat appeals to sweet tooths craving gooey peanut butter and brownie goodness. We’d even go so far as to say that it would make a mindblowing DIY Waffle Cone Blizzard Taco. Just sayin’.

Along with being available in the standard sized cups, the Choco Peanut Butter Brownie is also available as a Blizzard Cake. This is just for the month of May so get it while it’s cool.

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Dairy Queen Super Stoked About St. Patrick’s Day, Celebrates with 99¢ Blizzards


When I think St. Patrick’s Day, I think leprechauns and pots of gold, not so much Oreos and mint ice cream. But Dairy Queen is doing its best to change my opinion on that by offering a “Buy One, Get One for 99 cents” deal on Blizzards — as long as one of the Blizzards is their St. Patty’s themed Mint Oreo shake.  Two DQ Blizzards for less than five bucks? Looks like mint-flavored Oreos win out over dancing leprechauns this year.

The deal ends March 24th, so don’t miss it!

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